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new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>The retail market in India is flourishing which has led to a growing demand of professionals in the industry. Read on to know how one can successfully enter into retail industry with the help of a professional degree,essentials of supply chain management.
new heights every day. Retail Sector was always present in the country; however no one paid attention to it in the growing years. It was the introduction of supply chain management that gave a new direction to retail sector.
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new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>The surge in the retail market led to the innovation of the paradigm “Customer is the King”. Today, every retail shop is dealing with the cut- throat competition and therefore they are striving to allure customers at any cost. The retail sector has taken a big leap from kirana and grocery shops to supermarkets namely Big Bazaar and Reliance Fresh Supermarket. These supermarkets give heavy seasonal offers and discounts to tempt customers. The expansion of supply chain and retail sectors has created an ideal platform for aspiring professionals to study the concepts and enter the market with a bang. India houses innumerable educational institutions who teach retail management and supply chain management at graduate and post graduate level.
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>Retail and Supply Chain Management has a wide scope in the country and therefore students view it as an ideal career option. An aspiring professional in the field of retail needs to brush up his skills on brands, marketing strategies, retail theories and philosophies and consumer taste. All the above mentioned points are imperative for one to excel in the field of retailing. Some of the top colleges in retail management can be listed as Birla Institute of Management Technology- New Delhi, IILM Graduate School of Management- Greater Noida, Indian Institute of Retail- New Delhi, and Mudra Institute of Communications- Ahmedabad. Some of the top supply management schools in the country can be listed as Indian Institute of Materials Management- Mumbai, Indian Institute of Management- Kolkata, and Management Development Institute- Gurgaon.
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new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”> Indian Institute of Materials Management- Mumbai
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”> Management Development Institute- Gurgaon
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>  Indian Institute of Management- Kolkata
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new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>Earn a Professional Degree
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>One can enter directly as a sales executive or sales manager or one can always run their business by getting a franchise of other retail giants in the market.
good verbal skills and charming personality.
new roman’, times; font-size: 20px;”>Author Bio: Ashish Kumar is one passionate thinker with an arm chair. He is writing on the behalf of, a leading education portal giving genuine and accurate information about the current education trends in supply chain management and retail management.
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