Four Steps to Safer Legal Highs

Legal highs are fine when used safely, but safety is the key thing here. If you are not properly informed or simply not aware of what safe use is then you shouldn’t be using the products at all. When people are uninformed or irresponsible with their legal highs it becomes dangerous and deaths can occur, it is following these circumstances that the products can become illegal, so it is important for your own health and for the protection of the industry that you use the products responsibly.

The following is a brief guide that applies to the majority of legal high substances in order to ensure safe use.

Safer Legal Highs

First – selecting your high. There are a lot of different herbal highs on the market, but you need to be sure you get one you can trust. First off you need a supplier you can trust, this does not mean a friend, or a friend of a friend; it means a legitimate business and preferably one that is fairly big and popular. The more people are using it, recommending it and praising it the more trustworthy you can consider it to be, check their blog and the descriptions of their products too – the more informed about their products they seem the more likely they are to be able to provide you with the right advice and information.

When it comes to which product you should choose that really depends on you, if you’re familiar with the options and known what you like then go for it, if not start with something a little softer for your first few times, get familiar with the way you experience highs and what you’re comfortable with before you start to experiment. Personally I’d recommend a small dose of Kratom, this is a stimulant level dose and will increase feelings of productivity and mental stimulation, making you feel more positive and is popular for increasing sexual stimulation. This is also a good option as if you do take a higher dose, rather than it becoming harmful it acts as a sedative instead of a stimulant, creating feelings of relaxation and peacefulness, sometimes alongside hallucinations.

Second – use the products in a safe environment. While party pills and such might be popular in clubs that is for those who know what they’re doing, already know how their bodies react to the product and trust the people they are with. If it’s your first time do it at home, remove anything that might pose a threat to you, make sure the space you choose is cool and well ventilated as you do become more prone to heat stroke when under the influence of stimulants. Have a glass of water with you and make sure you feel comfortable with where you are, if you’re anxious when taking hallucinogens it increases the likelihood of a ‘bad trip’ in which instance the images you hallucinate are negative and frightening, as opposed to the happy, cheerful, enjoyable sorts of dream like hallucinations you are probably aiming for.

Third – don’t be alone. Particularly if it is your first time you should be with other people, preferably at least one who is not taking any substances. This is similar to when you’re drinking; it is always much better to have someone who is capable and willing to take care of you, even if they do draw on your face once you’re sleeping peacefully.

Finally – before you do anything you should ensure that it is not going to be damaging to your health. If you have an underlying health condition that you are aware of you should seek the opinion of you physician before taking any form of products, even legal ones. If you are not aware of any health conditions you may want to go for a check-up and request medical advice beforehand as a precaution. You shouldn’t use herbal highs when pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication. Regardless of why you want to use herbal highs or which ones you want to use your first priority should be your personal well-being, so be mindful of your health and stop using the substances if you notice anything wrong until you have consulted a doctor.

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