Fun math activities for high schoolers

Fun math activities for high schoolers
High School Maths Can Be Fun!
There are numerous students who enjoy Fun math activities for high schoolers students and can easily understand basic and advanced concepts. But, there’s still a large majority of students who find maths distressing and confusing. They tend to shy away from anything academic that is related to mathematics. These students face serious restrictions in building their careers in any field that needs moderate mathematical knowledge. Some of the primary reasons why students face problems in understanding maths are:
ñ     Lack of confidence
ñ     Low academic achievements
ñ     Anxiety
ñ     Fictitious fear
ñ     Attention problems
Some of these common reasons limit a student’s ability and desire to learn this subject. Mathematics is used extensively in almost every field of education, be it science, social sciences, medicine, commerce, or in any other subject field which a student wants to pursue later in his/ her life. So, it becomes very important to learn and understand at least the basics of maths thoroughly.
As discussed above, the various factors that rein a student’s mathematical abilities are mostly psychological in nature. A student, who has failed in this subject often, ends up thinking he can’t excel in the subject. Similarly, some students feel anxiety and fear every time they are faced with a math problem. It becomes difficult for the teachers to get the students proactively involved in learning math. The following points for Fun math activities for high schoolers can provide maths help and make it more fun and enjoyable for students:
Make it more exciting
Maths should be made entertaining for the students. Many regular activities like playing cards, running, jumping, or puzzles, can be mixed with mathematics to make the subject more exciting. For instance, children can be taught to play on number grids drawn in playgrounds, or they can be given card games of basic to moderate mathematical difficulty levels.
Approach variation
Changing the approach of imparting knowledge can also help in getting through to the students. Sometimes, teachers tend to teach complex or higher concepts without covering up the basic levels first. The key here is to actively engage students in understanding the basic concepts through practical examples, and then move to the complex topics.
Teaching methods
There is an unlimited number of books and study material, which can be referred by students. This can help them get a better grasp of the topics that they find difficult. Some students can only learn in isolated settings with a private maths tutor, while some others can study on their own. It’s important to understand which teaching method appeals the most to a student, and use that method to give him maths help.
Math can be a very wonderful subject to learn and use. Creating the right circumstances for learning is the key to being a successful math teacher.
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Grace, is an expert associated with Maths Success. She occasionally helps high school children as a maths tutor. 


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