Home remedies for runny nose, 4 Effective Home Remedies

Runny Nose, No More_ 4 Effective Home Remedies

Runny Nose, No More: 4 Effective Home Remedies

Cold, either mild or severe, can get very nasty and wearisome. It causes a runny nose with a scratchy throat that can trouble your daily tasks. Among all the effects of cold, having a runny nose is the most disturbing and most bragging because who wants to be walking around the street with something coming in and out the nose? The horror!

Runny Nose, No More_ 4 Effective Home Remedies

Moreover, the runny nose becomes a real problem when it already interferes and affects your performance at work. You will surely not get a client’s heart if you face him with a tissue that’s always stuck in your nose. Also, hope that your client will still come around after knowing that you are carrying an infectious bug. Thus, runny nose can significantly shake down your promotion and employment status. Sounds serious, right? Because it truly is!


To help you get a distressing runny nose run away from you, read on the following remedies that are workable even at the very comfort of your home.

1. Take a long warm bath

Taking a bath is an everyday routine to us. But if you are suffering from a runny nose, better turn up the button of your heater all the time because it is what you exactly need to fight stuffy nose. The steam produced from the warm water is breathed in through your nose, and that steam helps the muscles in your body relax.


Hence, when you take a hot bath, you are most likely fighting back a runny nose by merely inhaling. Also, if you stay in your tub in a more period, the more steam you will draw in, which means more chances of full recovery. Besides, resting in a warm tub will help you relax more.

2. Drink more hot liquids

Hot liquids can bring relief to the swollen lining of your nose because they get rid of congestions. Congestions in the nose happen because your nose is fully-stuffed and this condition makes it hard for you to sleep especially at night. Hence, you need something like hot liquids to manage the circulation in your nose and remove blockages.


Hot liquids can come in various forms, may it be plain warm water, a formulated tea, hot water mixed with a pinch of salt, or even a delicious soup. If you feel so childlike taking these liquid forms, you can use bourbon or a whiskey with a mixture of at least one teaspoon of honey. The alcohol’s natural warm composition will do, but taking liquor type must be in moderation because too much of this can cause membrane inflammation in the nose.

3. Eat spicy foods

Spices, like hot liquids, can provide a feeling of heat when consumed. Moreover, spicy foods can widen the openings in the body including the nose. The little expansion of the nose helps soothe stuffy nose. But if you are not accustomed to spice and cannot tolerate its hotness, you can settle in spicy seasonings to at least give you a little relief.


Foods rich in peppers are good options since you can barely feel that you’re only eating the foodstuffs to treat your runny nose. Also, other spicy foods are great alternatives because they are palatable like wasabi, habanero, ginger, or horseradish sauce. But if you are a spicy type of person, then options are not needed.

4. Use a humidifier

A humidifier is a machine that produces moisture from the water. If you have a humidifier at home, its moisture will spread, and the humidity will increase throughout the room. The circulating moist air will help calm the irritated tissues in the nose and relieve sore blood vessels.


Moreover, humidifiers can dilute the mucus in the nose. Thinned mucus and relieved nose vessels can empty your nose from fluids, resulting in normal breathing. Thus, the use of humidifiers at home is effective in stopping a runny nose from bugging you further.


Taking good care of our wellbeing must be our priority, and we should address every little health problem that we experience. Though natural home remedies are provided, not everyone has an identical health-giving capacity. Thus, if your cold still gets worst despite the given alternatives and if it already makes your everyday task harder for you to fulfill, then do not hesitate to take pharmaceutical prescriptions.


Besides, fast-healing medications are readily available on drug counters which are budget-friendly. If you still find pharmaceutical medicines costly, then avail big discounts offered in vouchers like the Azelastine HCL Coupon, and other marked-down medicine deals to treat your runny nose.