How do I know and decide what I really want in life

How do I know and decide what I really want in life

You must be frank with yourself in order to find out what makes you genuinely happy. No two people have the same road to happiness, regardless of how well they match, so you need to look closely at yourself and see what fits best for you as an individual. This article by Om Swami helps you to find out what makes you happy and also gives you some advice on how to attain this happiness. Not only this but also clear your doubt on what should I do with my life. So keep on reading at the end. 

Find Out What Makes you Happy

Write down and classify the three facets of your life which are most important to you. If you believe in God, does your family come before or after your faith in God? Do you invest more time in the activities that make you happy or do you rely on the job that helps and offers your family a stable life? You will help determine whether you commit a suitable amount of resources to every facet of life by classifying your principles and goals.

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List Your Preferred Tasks

There are no accurate or incorrect answers, but be truthful. Traveling can offer you the greatest enjoyment, or it may be a cooked dinner. Perhaps you enjoy learning about books and literary criticism. Perhaps you like to be the one who writes the novels, not the one who writes other people’s books. Over time the list could evolve. At the age of 20, you might not be content at the age of 30. Do not waste time updating your list to show your joys in this present moment with a picture of “who you are.” Tell yourself if money was not a challenge to figure out what you really enjoy.

Take What You Want In A Career

Create a list of your strengths. The most fulfilling careers are your innate ability and talents. If you are a brilliant speaker and really want to teach, you pour your talent by writing programs on a desk. Perhaps by being a trainer you will combine these skills! Be mindful that your abilities vary from the strengths of your talents that make you glad. Any of the questions that may be useful to you are:

  • Act better on your own, with a partner, or in a bigger team?
  • Do you work well in assigning your assignments or in running your own projects?

Don’t Be Afraid of A Transition In Your Job

You may want to dream of a profession that really suits you if you’re trapped in a role that you despise, but there could be a lot of things, like time and pride and fear of financial security, that might hinder that career that would please you. All you need to put on the back burner is for your happiness with your job. You should start spending as much money as possible in order to plan for a career transition. Often a change in your profession will result in a lower-paid role in your current job before you can back up the ladder.

Identify What You Want In A Relation

You deserve to meet a partner that shares your basic perspective on life if you want to spend the rest of your life with others. What are the unchanging values of the most uncompromising? There may be some examples:

  • You want a huge family vs children
  • When children are brought up
  • Religious views
  • Feelings about marriage and/or divorce
  • How to address disputes and fix issues

Start To Tell Yourself How Happy You Are

Regardless of how big a love partner you find, before you are comfortable with yourself you will never be happy in a relationship. If you’re the best version of yourself you might be, and you are pleased with that, so you also have a great sense of the partner you like and need.

Ask What Sort Of Parent You Want To Be

While you think about a legion of parenting books, there is no wrong or right way to be a mom. After all, for centuries without guidance, people raised them. However, it is important to know what sort of parent you want to be as glad as possible.

  • Look out for various models and figure out if you want your families to be raised.
  • Do you want to be a realistic parent who takes all of your options and actions and who would encourage their kids to learn from their mistakes and to be a more laissez-faire parent?
  • How do you want your schooling to be involved? Are you going each night to check homework? Allocate extra homework outside the classroom? Or are more competent professors allowed to manage their training?
  • If the children commit errors, what do you intend to reprimand? Will you want a good cop or a poor cop to be more comfortable? Do you want to be more a mentor who encourages you to make correct choices or a referee who senses and punishes errors? 
  • Are you putting your children first or are you giving preference to marriage? Your own gladness, what about?

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