How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Lens Glasses: 7 steps

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Removing scratches from Plastic lens


Scratches may occur on your Oakville eyeglasses when you drop them or store them improperly. Removing them from your eyeglasses is not as tough as it sounds and it depends on the depth of the mark. If removal of scratches from your Oakville glasses is beyond your hands, take them straight to a professional.
So how to get scratches out of glasses?
For repairing scratched lenses nowadays, you can find many scratch removal products for commercial eyeglass. There are products that are polymer-based. These products remove cloudiness and scratches that are on the surface of your eyeglass lens.
how to remove scratches from eyeglasses plastic
This scratch remover adapts to the shape of your eyeglass lens and is self-leveling. An eyeglass scratch remover will not affect the power of your lens but will just dry off giving it a clear finish.
You should note that this specific solution may not bond with lenses that are treated using an anti-glare solution.
Tips to how to remove the scratches on your eyeglasses
removing scratches from plastic lenses
  • You can remove or repair the scratch by doing it yourself using a scratch removal kit. These kits are sold at affordable prices and are used in the removal of light scratches that may occur in your everyday use or occurs if you clean your lenses with a tissue or other abrasive materials.
  • Deep scratches on your eyeglasses may also be caused if you handle it in an improper way. You cannot polish such scratches and it is highly recommended that your Oakville glasses be evaluated by an expert. In such a case, it is better to replace your lenses as it may be your only option.
  • Many of these kits work in the same way. Start off with a pair of clean lenses and apply the eyeglass scratch remover solution to the sides of your lenses.
Let this solution sit for the specified amount of time as suggested by the manufacturer. Later take the cloth provided with the scratch remover and polish scratches out of glasses lens until the solution is completely removed.
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But how to remove scratches from plastic  eyeglass lenses yourself?

Some general ways of removing the scratches yourself are:
  • Use some cerium oxide to fill up minor scratches on the glass
  • Furniture polish sometimes works on lenses that are non-coated
  • Plain toothpaste may also work on small scratches
  • Suggestions to prevent your eyeglass from scratches
When you dont wear your eyeglasses, place them in a safe place like an eyeglass case. Another thing to keep in mind is resting your eyeglasses on the frame and not on the lens surface.
Remember, you should not use a facial tissue or a paper towel when you are cleaning the glasses, as they will scratch your lenses. Instead, you should use a clean cotton cloth along with mild soap and warm water.
You should know that there no scratch-proof glasses; they are just scratch-resistant. So, handle them carefully to prevent scratches in the first place.
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