Hurdles of life,love Revealed by Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Reveals the Secret of Love-

Love is special for every one whoever & whatever circumstances he may be anywhere in this world.
Even today Love has no boundary & no limitations .There are so many examples in the world where people give so much importance to  Love than any thing else in life.
This people are the one who want’s to spread Love where there is only hatred. Even today when there are arrange marriages there are Love marriages to break the rules.
Why Love is Special

Romeo and Juliet

It quiet true that rich guy will never marry poor girl or white girl will never marry black-
Girl & vice versa. in arrange marriages.

so its evident from this examples that arrange marriages  are mostly based on biasing based on color,caste,income ,etc. .
In other words arrange marriages  are for jealous people who marry to fulfill there jealousy.
But ,when in love people hardly thing of biasing factors like color,caste,income ,etc just to prove that the they are in love with the person & not his wealth.
This special feature of love had made love  so popular  in the heart of every human generations that many films,books had been written to encourage more & more  people to fall in true love.
We all know how Romeau & Juliet were  emersed in pure love even in times of on biasing based on color,caste,income ,etc. just to separate both in love.
But neither money nor  power could separate both Romeau & Juliet such was there love.
History can’t deny fact that every one needs medicine called Love like oxygen to taste the happiness in the world.
 Hurdles of life,love
But,still there are many hurdles in Love because of excuses or unfaithfulness between people in Love .
As result many wars had been fought country by country or people by people in Love.Ultimately who all tried to wish to destroy Love were destroyed themselves.
Now-a-days its very rare to find true Love or true dedications,devotions between both partners in Love.Evidently most developed countrys has highest trends of divorce in the name of Love.
There can be only one reasons for divorces between partners & that is they never were in true love ,but it was just body love that brought them together .
As result many kids future had to bear brunt of there parents breakups agaian & again.Its facts that Love is sold to get freedom on divorce just to find true Love again.
So in search of true Love,many change there partners just like clothes & kids just follow the path of parents .
This whole cycle to get true Love simply results in many divorces & re-marriages.They reach to the point that they feel & regret that they start comparing how they were happy with there previous hubby.
Finally,its too late where life takes both of them so far away that they wish to gat back there love when its too late.
I felt need to write on this topic to save marriages rather than ruining each others Life


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