8 Best Hitch Accessories You Can Opt For

Hitch accessories constitute an integral part in the smooth functioning of hitches. Usually the hitch accessories are not very expensive to buy hence you would not be wasting too much money on purchasing the equipment. Hitches & Towing Accessories help you turn your vehicle into a road trip ready trailer-hauling machine. From electrical connections to safety chains, each of these accessories ensures your towing is safe, secure, and stress-free. Know which accessories you could opt for hitches to ensure an efficient working.

The following are the 8 best hitch accessories that are useful and that can be opted for:

Best Hitch Accessories

1)      Ball mount:

Best Hitch Accessories

Ball mount is an important hitch accessory when it comes to towing vehicles. Without a ball mount, a hitch won’t be of any use. Usually the towing package, which is the factory installed equipment that transforms the vehicle into a tow-ready vehicle, includes a hitch receiver. It does not include a ball mount. The hitch receiver is a square opening of varying sizes like 1.25, 2 or 2.5 inches on the side. This hitch receiver is mounted on the tow vehicle. The ball mount attempts to slide under the hitch receiver, which is secured by a locking pin. One has to match the ball mount with the class of the hitch. This will indicate the amount of weight that it can pull. Thus, a ball mount is an important hitch accessory that is required for safely towing a vehicle.

Usually hitch balls are covered with the plating of stainless steel, chrome or zinc. When it is not in use, it can be protected with a rubber cover. The hitch ball fits through the hole in the ball mount. A nut and washer are used to hold these pieces together. Because the ball mount has different hole sizes, it is important to match the hitch ball diameter with the proper hole. The assembly will work only if it is matched properly. Many towing companies provide interchangeable hitch balls with varying diameters. This helps in matching it with a proper hole in the ball mount.

3)      Coupler:

Though coupler is a part of the trailer, it is an important hitch accessory without which your vehicle can’t be towed. Weight capacity is the dimension used to rate couplers. It should be able to match with the gross trailer weight or GTW. There are two types of couplers: A-frame and the straight-tongue coupler. Trailers with A-shaped tongues use A-frame couplers and trailers with straight tongues use straight-tongue couplers.

4)      Pins, clips and locks :

Best Hitch Accessories

Though pins, clips and locks are small hitch accessories , they are important. They are required to attach the ball mount to the hitch receiver. Pin is used to pass through the holes in the receiver and the ball mount. Further, clip is fitted in the head of the pin to prevent it from sliding out. Sometimes a long bolt with a lock-washer and a nut is used in place of a hitch pin. Hitch lock is used as a pin and clip and it protects the ball mount from theft. Similarly, coupler locks are also available which serves as protection to the coupler handle.

5)      Safety chains:

As the name suggests, safety chains ensure the safety of the trailers and vehicles. They are placed on the tongue of the trailer, one on each side. It comprises of an S-hook through which the hole in the hitch is connected. At times, the chains are crossed to protect them from dropping on the roads. Also, one should take care that enough slack is provided, which permits turning. However, the slack should not result in dragging of the chains. It is a must to use safety chains while towing vehicles.

6)      Hitch tube covers:

Often elements like dirt and grime enter the hitch receiver when it is not in use. A hitch tube cover  comes handy in protecting the hitch. You just have to insert the hitch tube cover in the ball mount area. Steel and plastic are used to make hitch tube covers. There are lot of colour options in steel, so it becomes easy to match the tube coverwith the colour of the vehicle. Nowadays, there is also an option of branded hitch tube covers wherein, these covers can be personalized to express one’s preferences.

7)      Hitch-mounted cargo carriers:

This accessory comes very handy when transporting a wide variety of items. It easily fits in the hitch receiver and provides a flat cargo deck. 600 pounds i.e. 272 kilograms can be carried through these carriers.

8)      Trailer jacks:

Trailer jacks are located on the tongue of the trailer, close to the coupler. They come in top-wind and side-wind style and can be used according to the need. Moreover, electric trailer jacks also available to make the hitching process smooth and safe.

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