Internet marketing vs traditional marketing statistics and Facts You Shouldn’t Miss

Internet marketing vs traditional marketing statistics are listed below
For any business the main objective is to generate revenue. This is done by increasing sales of their products and services.
The sales in turn increase when the product or service gains more attention, that is if it is a physical shop then the shop has more foot fall and if it is a virtual shop then the website or the virtual shop has more visitors on it.
Internet marketingWhen the product gains more attention, the chances of a customer buying the product or service increases thus the sales increases which generates more revenue. So it all starts with making the product or the services popular and attractive in the eyes of the customers.
This is done by advertising about the product or the services. Traditionally television, radio, and print media were used as a medium for advertising and marketing. But recently with internet gaining so much popularity over the other modes of communication and information broadcasting, internet is used for advertisement and marketing. Even the shops are turning virtual and the products and services are being showcased on the internet itself on the websites and these virtual shops.
Though the traditional marketing strategies are still used and will be used for a long time to come but there is a significant reduction in the traditional marketing strategies and this reduction is due to the increase in the internet marketing.
Businesses are realising internet is the most preferred medium for most of the people and companies are getting huge businesses from the internet so they are targeting people on the internet. Internet marketing strategies include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and display advertisement. Whereas traditional marketing just involve print media advertisement and television and radio advertisement.
Digital marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing strategies. The prominent ones are that, there is a huge variety of strategies available under internet marketing. A business can choose search engine optimization or search engine marketing or even content marketing and social media marketing strategies to advertise their products and services and increase the visitors.
Businesses can also use a mix and match of the different strategies. This wide variety helps targeting specific groups. Another advantage of digital marketing is that it is cheap, efficient and a faster way of marketing. The data can be easily stored and analyzed later for reference and future planning along with evaluating the data with the current sell. Though internet marketing has so many advantages over traditional marketing, it has its cons as well.
There are ethics issues, mainly with email marketing. Security concerns are also there along with  Internet Marketing. There is no guarantee you will receive the product you bought on the internet after you have made the payment.
Digital marketing can be used judiciously for the profit of the company but for this, digital marketing for the company must be left on professional digital marketing agencies like Internet Marketing Razorfish, Breakfast, etc. and not handled by amateurs from the company.

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