How to become a licensed locksmith and get set for a unique career in the security sector


According to recent studies, the security sector has boomed since 2002, generating fast and fierce competition among security professionals. Hence, proper training and credibility are even more crucial these days for a bright and successful career opportunity as locksmiths in Dublin.

locksmith courses

No one generally thinks of a locksmith courses till the time emergency strikes. However, these skilled professionals can indeed be a lifesaver when you have accidentally locked your keys in the car or have been locked out of your house in odd hours.


Professional-quality DVD training courses

Lock and key technicians must have the proper education and training to complete their operations efficiently and in a hassle free manner. For that one needs to complete a security training program. If you are interested then you might as well complete much of your lock and key training by simply undergoing a DVD course. For example, the course by the name of pick a lock will with the several aspects of locksmithing that will offer you with a wide or generalized knowledge in the field of home safety and security. Besides, there are several associations in Dublin that provides specialized classes in safe manipulation and auto key generation.


Education, training and apprenticeship

In order to learn the tricks of the trade, you may seek an apprenticeship with an expert in your locality. Although no formal internship/apprenticeship are available, you can reach out for some useful hands-on training by finding a mentor (any certified locksmith) to teach you all the tricks by taking you under his wing. This will allow you to learn and educate yourself on the job. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways to start working under professional guidance by contacting approaching them directly just to check whether they are willing to provide you with additional training and interested in knowledge sharing. Just in case you have already completed a basic or more advanced locksmithing programs, potential employers will be more interested to hire you till you are ready to go out on individual assignments.


Certification and License

It is important to gain certification and then apply for license if you want a career in the security sector. You can obtain several certifications including certified auto locksmith, registered locksmith, certified registered Locksmith, certified professional locksmith, certified master locksmith and so on. However, each of these certification is progressively more difficult. So, a proper training is a must in order to crack the exam.


Theory-enriched practical knowledge

Purpose of training is that generally all the service providers seek to hire people who are professionally qualified. And certification is vital as it indicates a technician’s professional status and skills. Classroom training also equips the attendees with all kinds of practical training with new tools and technologies. Students undergoing locksmith training learn how to use the latest tools and equipments (for instance, dial calipers, lock-picking and so on). Training module takes into account detailed information on identification and duplication of keys, comprehending and troubleshooting several types of lock assemblies and knowing everything about safety issues and terminology. The practical training classes’ gives attendees the skills required work as an independent apprentice lock and key expert. There are several technical schools and community colleges in Dublin that provide workshops, seminars and basic and continuing education classes.


Along with getting a certified course training, work at polishing your communication skills. This will in return help you to network properly and get more clients. If you opt to advertise your services go online and use the Internet for publicity to make it easier for potential clients to reach you. Most importantly, be alert and strictly follow the law all the times to keep troubles at bay. Also, it is important to invest in an insurance to cover potential liabilities.


Author’s Bio: Sam Andersen owns lock and key business and has been a professional writer since 2010. He is active on all of the major social networks and mostly writes on Locksmiths Dublin.

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