Time Management Tips for Writing an Essay

Essays and written work have become the primary form of coursework assessment students need to complete. The problem is that when you receive the assignment, you feel safe because you have weeks and weeks until you have to hand it in. However time goes by very quickly, and it turns out that you are left with a day or two before the deadline. If this student sounds like you then here are 5 tips about Time Management Tips for Writing an Essay that will usher in a new era in your academic life.

Time Management Tips

1- Make a schedule
Schedules are the simplest yet most effective way to manage your time and get that essay written before the deadline. First of all, you should consider your timetable and what you already have planned, and on the basis of that, you should design a schedule that has gaps in which you will be working on essay. This approach is very effective because you will know that, for example, on Friday from four to eight, you will be writing your essay and doing nothing else.

2- Do the research beforehand
Everyone has experienced the feeling of sitting in front of a blank piece paper and not knowing what to write about. This is the result of not conducting a thorough research on the subject. To get the most benefit from your time, you should start by simply gathering information and educating yourself on the topic you will be writing about. In the end you will have information about all the possible things you can say and write, and you will be able to sit down and put them on paper.

3- Structure your essay
Creating a structure for your essay might seem like a very basic thing to do, but you will be surprised how many people start off without having done it. To structure it, you should sit down and do a brainstorming session. In that session, try to get ideas about what you will be saying in your essay and where you will be saying it. After you have done that, you can divide the work you need to do for the different sections. By doing this, you will be using your time in the most effective way and you will give yourself the best chance to get the essay grade you deserve.

4- Write a draft
It might seem counter-intuitive to write down things and not to correct the errors immediately but trying to come up with the final version from the start is very time consuming and can slow the flow of your writing. To spend your time in the most beneficial way, start answering your essay question even if the style you are writing in or the wording isn’t what you would expect to see in a finished essay. Once you have the draft, you should just go over it and refine the parts that don’t satisfy you. The most basic rule applies here; it is easier to delete information than to add some.

5- Leave time for editing
Proofreading your essay is very important and should be on your list of priorities. Doing this could mean the difference between a good grade and a bad grade because even one or two marks add up. When you plan your time and decide when you will be writing your essay, always leave a day or two for editing. Those few days are essential because when we read something we have written several days ago, we can easily read the information objectively and see what is wrong with it.
By simply applying several of the above essay help tips, you will greatly improve the way you manage your time when writing an essay.

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