How to turn your backyard into oasis of peace

With all the things going on in your life, it seems that peace is fairly hard to come by. If only there was a magical oasis in your home where you could escape your daily troubles and melt into a world of relaxation. If only there was a place you’ve been neglecting, but that has the potential to give you what you want after a little makeover. What about your backyard? It’s highly customizable, comfortable, and allows you to spend time with nature. With some work, you can easily turn your ordinary yard into a synonym for peace and serenity.

1. The fountain of youth

The water in your fountain may not be magical, but it will definitely keep you young and fresh. Adding a water feature to your oasis a great way to ensure nothing from the outside world bothers you. Let yourself go to the soft roar of the water and let it cool you and your thoughts. There’s nothing more relaxing than a glass of cold lemonade on a warm summer day next to the water fountain.

What’s more, the fountain will make your oasis truly unique. It will give it a centrepiece few others can afford. There are also plenty of fountain designs, meaning you can easily incorporate the model to your vision. Whether you aim for rustic or classic, modern or minimalistic- everything is at your disposal. All you have to do is envision it and you’ll find the perfect fountain just like that.

2. Green is the warmest colour

If your aim is to create a relaxing and warm environment, you have to go green. A Zen garden and an oasis won’t benefit much from colourful flowers. Traditional greenery is known for instilling a sense of calm and serenity. Just look at Japanese Zen gardens, for example. You won’t see colours bursting left and right. What’s more, this is a very budget-friendly way to create your oasis.

You might also want to consider arranging your greenery in an asymmetrical design. This takes off the pressure for perfection. In turn, you can relax without every detail having a purpose. It will allow you to focus on truly important things and make you see your garden is perfect as is. There is more beauty in uniqueness and comfort than uniformity.

3. Fort Knox’s got nothing on you

Garden structures are a great way to enrich your backyard. You’ll have the inside and the outside together, like yin and yang. Just imagine being able to read your favourite book while enjoying the scenery of your backyard, regardless of the weather. If it’s hot, your garden structure will keep you cool. If it’s cold, you’ll be snug and warm. The scenery will become even more romantic and relaxing when you add a retractable pergola to your quarters.

Not only are they extremely practical, but they also add to the aesthetic appeal of the backyard. Your oasis will simply feel empty and bland without one. What’s more, this is the perfect way to add some value to your property. Whatever aspect you look at it from, the retractable pergola is calling your name. Once you have your first drink with a loved one under its cool shade, you’ll be convinced you made the right decision.

4. Snow White had the right idea

The one thing Snow White is famous for is her love for animals. Her oasis was the relationship she had with the woodland creatures. Yours can be, too. There are easy ways to invite nature into your oasis and enjoy the benefits it brings with it. With a simple addition such as a bird feeder or birdbath, you’ll now get to wake up to soft chirps.

If you introduce toad houses, little froggies will great you every time you walk into your lush garden. Their evening croaks will create an atmosphere of calm, while also making you feel closer to nature. Another critter that loves gardens is the hedgehog. If you pile up some leaves and logs, you might just attract some. These creatures will take care of your garden by eating all the pests and maintaining the natural eco-system. All you have to do is stop by and say hello.


Finding peace from the world in your oasis also means finding inner peace. This doesn’t mean you have to escape the world entirely, though. You can bring the parts you like with it to the oasis. Invite some friends, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and use the time to reconnect. Spend more time with your family and bond with your kids. Play some smooth jazz in the background and watch the laughter turn into heart-to-heart conversations and vice versa. Your backyard oasis can give you peace on more levels than you realize. You just have to let it.