Love vs Money debate? Which one would you choose?

Love vs Money debate? Which one would you choose?

About Love Vs Money Debate Know The Truth?

Marriage is one of the most crucial and vital steps people make. It contains cultural, ethnic and ethic aspects and in each country there are distinct factors and key features that one should take into account while building a family. Therefore, if in some countries it’s much easier to get married and then divorce, there are such cultures which do not accept it and the latter is perceived as something guilty. Nevertheless, getting married is a serious step which is based on certain criteria and which we’ll discuss in the given article about Love versus money.

The factors that one takes into consideration while getting married are diverse and quite individual, hence it would be incorrect to list a number of features and force people that those characteristics are essential ingredients for happy and successful marriage. The most controversial issue in this connection is based on money and love while getting married. How to choose a partner? Prefer the one whom you love or just marry someone who can provide you financially? Now let’s try to analyze both of these factors and understand which one is essential for each of us.

Love vs money the dream-The importance of money


Love vs money the dream-The importance of money

The role of financial stability is great so that no one can deny it. The lack of money brings a number of problems which can be not only materialistic but also psychological. Each financial difficulty has a direct impact on mentality, feelings and psychology.

Each woman would like to marry a man who will take care of her financially and provide her with many luxurious comforts. Besides this, while getting married couples do not think of only themselves but also they worry about the children who should be born in a nice peaceful and welfare family. All the time they think over ways to live in better conditions, enjoy travelling and the whole beauty of life.


Problems are also bound to arise when one spouse works much and earns considerably more money than the other. Those finance related problems can be solved in case there is mutual understanding between the partners. However, not all the partners are ready to overcome financial difficulties and most families end up with divorce. This is the problem individuals should analyze by themselves before getting married.  You should understand your nature and estimate your abilities correctly. Why is this essential? It’s important as while tying the knot individuals have expectations of their spouses and if those expectations are realized this can lead to disappointments as a result of which marriage can deteriorate.

So those who decide to marry for money firstly think about their wellbeing and easy life. They do not want to worry about anything which is related to finance or the family budget. Their only occupation is to enjoy the life without struggling and confronting difficulties.

I would like to start explaining the importance of love in family by quoting the famous saying by Benjamin Franklin ”Where there’s marriage without love, there will be love without marriage”. Yes, nearly in all cases this is so. Imagine living with someone you aren’t attracted to and have nothing in common. Of course this is hardly to lead to any long-lasting and happy marriage.

The role of love in marriage is irreplaceable. There is no definition and right explanation of what love is, however it is simply understood and appreciated by those who deeply love.

I would say that love is the cornerstone of family; it’s the vital ingredient in family building. Each difficulty can be overcome and solved easily if there is a love between spouses. This is the feeling which makes you firstly think of your half and then yourself, when you try your best to make him/ her happy and see him smile. And when this is reciprocal you both try to fill your family with love and warmness.

Those who marry for love firstly appreciate spiritual and emotional values considering them the most powerful means of facing up to each difficulty and reaching their mutual goal. They simply do not imagine finding anyone else who so perfectly would complete them.

For what to marry ?

The importance of love  -Dream Love vs money

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