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When people visit Cancun, they mostly picture turquoise Caribbean Sea and a cocktail in their hands. For me, it has never been this way. I think adventurous soul will find adventure everywhere, but in Cancun, you do not need to look for anything as the place itself stores magic.

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For me it was a trip to remember. As I grew up in Arizona, my interest in Indians and everything that concerns mystery and spirituality is evident. And when I prepared to visit Mexico I knew I would find something extraordinary there. I am not sure if I can list all my impressions so I decided to give you the most important tips how to explore amazing Magic of Cancun on a budget.

How to get and Renting

When you arrive in the airport be sure you have enough change in pesos to take a bus that takes you to the downtown Cancun. It will cost you about $5 instead of $60 for a taxi. The downtown is one of the places tourists hardly ever visit, I personally know people who thought that hotel zone is the entire city. That is where they are missing out because downtown is the heart of the city, it is very local people live and party so everything is filled with their incredible joy and spirit. Rent an apartment for $ 200 in one of the cozy neighborhoods for a month and spare the rest of your money for excursions. And, please don’t be a typical American tourist, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, I can assure you it is absolutely safe.


Once you have a bed to crash, you should go to the sea. The magical, almost seeming Caribbean cannot but blow your mind with its incredible turquoise color and warmth. If you want to see it for real, take a bus R1 all the way to the “Playa Delfines” (you can ask the driver), this beach is certainly the most beautiful beach you have ever seen.


Before we start our Mayan journey, you will have to eat something. Please don’t go to a restaurant, come back to downtown to “Las Palapas” and order nachos, tacos, quesadillas and homemade ice-cream almost for free. At night, the plaza is filled with local music and amateur art. Remember that it is a local place and no one here speaks much of English so be sure to take a phrase book with you.


At every corner, there is a tour guide or a seller. Make sure you bargain, first because they give you double price and secondly because it is a matter of respect for them. The must see tours are “Chechen Itza” as you cannot miss one of the 7 wonders of the world, “Coba and Tulum” where you can actually climb the pyramid and ride a bicycle through the jungle, “Mayan village” to talk to the natives and try their handmade tortillas and “Senotes” the underground caves with bats, fresh water and incredible view.

While in Chechen Itza look for a guide named Jose, he has been working there for almost 30 years and he is a real master of his craft.

In Coba and Tulum spare at least 2 hours to wonder around in the jungle. When climbing pyramid don’t look down till the very top, this way you will save a great surprise for yourself.

Cheap entertainment

In downtown Cancun, you can visit a hidden and absolutely free jungle park called “Park Urbano Habah”. It is in fact a real jungle forest with a narrow paved road inside. With numerous animals, insects and evergreen trees you will be able to work out with rocky scale weights and rope swings. In terms of nightlife in Cancun, I suggest visiting one of the nightclubs located next to “Las Palapas”. The entrance is usually 100pesos – $9, which includes music and open bar. It is interesting that there are very few people dancing in such clubs, probably because of the open bar. One more important tip would be to tell that you are not from USA, as people tend to think that “greengos” have too much money.

Hope my suggestions will be useful for those who want to experience crazy, beautiful and super spiritual Cancun. Remember, the one who seeks adventure always finds it.


Paula Green is an IT specialist who loves to spend her free time travelling. Right now she is a part-time editor for Spanish tutoring service. I appreciate your time.



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