Neon Light Signs Near Me: A Complete Guide

Neon lights are becoming quite popular and trendy nowadays. They are bright, colorful, and reliable. You can see them in signs, displays, and even airport landing strips. Neon lights consist of small amounts of neon gas under very low pressure. When electricity passes through the neon atoms, the electrons get stripped away and ionize them. Due to their charges, the ions are attracted to the end terminals of the lamp and, in turn, complete the electric circuit. At that point, light is produced as the neon atoms gain some energy and get excited.

However, when an atom comes back to a low power energy stage, a photon (light) is released. If you are interested in neon lights, you can search for ‘Neon Light Signs Near Me’ and locate your findings.

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How do Neon Lights Work?

Neon lights contain a glass tube filled with neon gas at low pressure. Neon is one of the noble gases. The noble gases have a unique feature. Each of them has one electron shell in their atoms. That is why they are inert and do not react with other substances. Due to its inertness, they consume a lot of energy to move that one filled electron from its shell. In the setting, there is an electrode on either side of the tube. Neon lights can work with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). However, most neon lights opt for alternating current as with direct current; you can see the glow only from one electrode at a time. The electric voltage applied to the terminals in round 15,000 volts. The energy is enough to remove the said electron from its shell. With proper voltage, the kinetic energy would not be enough to remove the electron from its shell. The cations (which are the positively charged electron atoms) get attracted to the negative terminal, whereas the free electrons get attracted to the

positive terminal. The charged particles are termed as plasma, and they help in the completion of the circuit of the said lamp.

When the current is directed towards the atom, the electrons get excited and start moving. This leads them to bump onto each other in a state of excitement. Bumping of the electrons with one another helps them to lose or gain energy accordingly. Gaining energy would lead them to gain a higher stage. Losing them would lead them to the exact opposite. The electrons are arranged according to a ‘ladder’ where the more excited one is at a higher rug than the less excited one. Sometimes, these electrons try to attain stability and balance by releasing energy and trying to obtain ‘ground state.’ Losing energy leads to the origination of a photon or light. The color of the light depends on the level from which the atom released its energy to reach its ground state. Thus, each noble gas has a characteristic wavelength of the photon, which means that they have their characteristic color. In the case of neon, it is reddish-orange.

There are two ways the colors of the lights are produced. One of the ways is to use a particular noble gas to produce different colors. For instance, helium produces pink, argon is blue, and krypton is green. If the gases are mixed together, then a set of intermediate colors would be produced. Another way would be to use phosphor and various other chemicals that grow a certain shade when energized. There is a various range of coating available. This is why we do not use neon gas anymore. We use fluorescent maps that depend on this phosphor coating and argon and mercury discharge. However, a light glowing in clear color is most probably a neon light.

Neon lights are used for a variety of purposes. Nowadays, neon lights have become a way to make up your business signs. They are cost and energy-efficient. They provide maximum out with respect to minimum input. Neon lights consume lesser energy than traditional lights. Thus, they take in lesser electricity. At least 90% of the total light is dissipated by these fluorescent lights. They also look great at night. They are an unconventional way to attract eyes to your brand. If you own a store, then most of your customers come at night, and neon lights are a great way to attract your customers, and they easily catch their eyes. Neon lights also bring out the creative freedom of a brand or a company. They can be crafted and animated in any way they want, and it is possible to do so. In order to increase your visibility, you can also choose from a different number of colors.

Neon lights are very efficient and require less maintenance. They are vastly tolerant toward burnouts and power surges. They also use less power source and voltages. They use electrodes instead of filaments. Thus, they rarely heat up. Due to this, they do not blow up due to excessive voltage.

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