An Introduction to Oil Pipeline Jobs

Jobs in the oil industry, particularly pipeline construction, are very demanding and labor intensive, so oil pipeline jobs are often available. Because pipeline construction is complex, the need for personnel is always there. The following is an overview of the jobs that you can get.
 Oil Pipeline Jobs
The job of the pipefitter is to mainly work alongside the hoist operator to align segments of the pipe, and they must also help position the pipe into the trench and place spacers along pipe segments.
A pipefitter must also check the joints to make sure they are aligned properly, and they will also have to apply glue or other adhesives to pipes, assuming it is not metal.
Pipeliner Entry Level Jobs
An entry level job will often require you to help position the pipeline and attend to other tasks, like putting supports for a pipe, and also putting pipes by the pipeline route before it is being built. At the same time, you will be asked to grab some pipe supports and any other trash or debris by the pipeline route after construction is done.
This job will also have you replacing and removing water lines and fences. In certain situations, a pipeliner may also be required to operate heavy machinery (assuming they are qualified).The most common heavy equipment that are used as bulldozers, hoes and trenchers, but others may be used.
An entry level pipeliner must also know how to use an axe, chainsaw and other equipment that will be needed to get rid of bush and trees as well as hand utilities for drainage digging. Other tasks that will be needed are panting and cleaning metal as well as transport supplies and parts.
The Role of a Pipeline Construction Manager
The role of a construction manager is that of a pipeline company’s representative, so they must oversee various areas of the project. In addition, a pipeline construction manager will also be accountable for all contract workers, employees and other people concerned with the project.
A construction manager is also responsible for making sure that all tasks in the project are completed on time and without going over budget. It is also necessary for a construction manager to update the head office on progress.
Construction Foreman Job Description
The main task of a construction foreman is to hire and train staff, and they must also arrange the schedule of the working crews. Schedules are arranged with lead hands and an assistant foreman, the objective being to ensure there are no conflicts in scheduling.
Furthermore, a construction foreman has to ensure that all the crews are performing their jobs efficiently. A construction foreman is also responsible for ensuring personnel are trained in emergency procedures and that all the workers are dressed in the proper gear.
Other Available Jobs
Other jobs that you can get in the oil pipeline industry are as an assistant foreman, welder or lead hand. A lead hand is the one who is responsible for coordinating the tasks of a foreman and assistant foreman.
Other oil pipeline jobs involve the running and operating of boom trucks or mobile transferring equipment to trucks. You can also find a job using heavy machinery as they are needed in pipeline construction. Other types of jobs may be available depending on what project it is working on.
BIO: Morgan Allen has been working in the oil industry for 17 years, and has served as a consultant for numerous pipeline companies. He has also written several articles concerning the industry for Allen lives in Houston, Texas.


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