5 Places to go in Italy holidays- Fantastic Short Breaks

 Italy holidays Fantastic Short Breaks, That

Won’t Cost You The Earth


 Places to go in Italy



Copenhagen is fast becoming gastronomic tourist hub of for the more refined traveller. Short breaks are very reasonably priced although its certainly not the cheapest city in the world, its also not the most expensive. The currency of Copenhagen is the Danish Kroner, and it is the elite capital city of Denmark. The capital city is the dwelling of many a historic landmark such as the Amalienborg Palace, the Round Tower and Noma – apparently the largest restaurant in the world! For being the largest restaurant, they have a surprisingly simple website! The city is also known for its nightlife, with a more sophisticated touch, the Danes appear to have a “penchant” for the jazz scene.



Found within the Mediterranean Sea just west of Places to go in Italy is the island of Corsica. The climate of the region is subject to the blistering Mediterranean heat between the months of May through to September. The island has a mixed population of French, Italian and Portuguese, the official language of the island is French – so you better start brushing up on your bonjour.


A popular destination for tourists is the region of Ajaccio, located on the west coast of the island. There is a fantastic little hotel called Hotel Spunta di Mare located within walking distance of the town centre, the hotel has a fantastic open air bar which is absolutely perfect for some afternoon refreshments! The view is absolutely breath taking; it is perfectly situated for a view of the Ajaccio Bay. Corsica is surprisingly easy to get to with the likes of Easy Jet offering flights from all of the major air ports.


Sticking with the Med, another fantastic getaway that won’t cost you the world: Mallorca. The Spanish island has been predominantly known for the Battle of Majorca, but in more recent times has become a tourist mecca. As expected, the island is subject to the warm and sunny Mediterranean climate which we have all heard about! Mallorca has a beautiful and rich landscape with the mountains of Serra De Tramuntana clear to see. The food is absolutely fantastic, people are friendly and the beaches are to die for! Not only is Mallorca a popular tourist destination, but it has also become popular as an alternative honeymoon destination, for some of the more economically challenged newlyweds.


You can go walking in the Tramuntana Mountains, hire speed boats for the day and for those that like to party, head into Palma to hang out at the beach club and soak up the atmosphere.


As can be expected, the mountains are a popular tourist attraction with organised hikes, and you can even go for a speed boat trip around the island.



Egypt is more suited to individuals, families or couples who truly want a break from it all. Egypt is not so much as a popular attraction as the previously mentioned breaks, don’t get me wrong, it’s still very popular, but it’s a little more private than what you can expect from the other destinations.

Egypt is a fantastic and diverse location, infamous for it’s ancient culture, pyramids, mosques, the red sea and of course the River Nile. Popular for its reasonable prices and beautiful scenery is Dahab. Dahab is a very welcoming and accepting resort of the travellers and tourists and there are plenty of activities to be had. Snorkelling, wind surfing, scuba diving, desert excursions and more.

Southern Turkey

Southern Turkey is blessed with some epic scenery, ragged landscapes astonishing theatres and picture perfect post card beaches. Not only that, but there has been many a comparison drawn between Southern Turkey and St Tropez! The benefit is though, Turkey is a lot cheaper, but still maintains a fantastic level of quality. One of my favourite resorts is Gelemi? (also known as Patara) – a quaint traditional resort that is famous for its absolutely gorgeous beach! The town is a little off the beaten track, and typically quieter than what you can expect from some of the larger towns and cities, again, fantastic for something a little more private!

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