PMP: Project Management Professional certification

 Project Management Professional certification- The complete overview

The field of management is without any doubt one of the biggest fields to ever surface the international market and the international job division. Many people dream of becoming managers in a wide variety of fields such as electronics, marketing, banking, financing, restaurants and project management. Project management is kind of related to the vast field of management itself .That is because a project manager also manages the things going on around them. The only difference is that project managers are mostly used when an ongoing project is in the working. Project managers are also hired for full time duties.
project management professional certification
Whenever there is a job, there are many certifications for it and project management is no different. Project management also has a certificate that people wanting to become project managers can get in order to kick start their career. This certificate is the PMP: project management professional certificate and is provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI). A person possessing a PMP: project management professional certificate is considered to be a professional in the field of project management and is easily hired as compared to project managers than don’t possess the certificate and have never appeared for the exam that guards the certification.
Who can apply and how to apply?
Any person that is already a project manager or wants to become a project manager and plans on doing it soon can apply. All a person needs to do in order to apply for the exam is to go online to the PMI’s official website and apply for the exam online, which will consequently enroll the person into the test. A person can also download the printable form that is also available online on the website. However, a person needs to have some special traits and must possess some essential achievements in order to appear for the exam.
Prerequisites needed in order to apply
The many things that a person needs in order to apply for the PMP: project management professional certificate is a valid high school degree which states that the person has previously graduated from a recognized high school and 60 months of experience in project management or a bachelor’s degree and a 36 month experience in project management. If a person possesses any one of these, they can easily apply and enroll for the exam that guards the PMP: project management professional certificate. It is necessary that the person wanting to apply for the exam has the above stated education and experience in order to successfully enroll themselves in the exam.
Preparation helps
An applicant for a PMI PMP certification: project management professional certification will definitely need some help when preparing for the exam. This help can be obtained using various mediums that are widely available both online, and in places like a public library. In order to get help while preparing for the exam, a person can use online resources such as guides, test questions, exam simulators, one can take the help of tutors, ask for help from a person that is already certified or use practice papers and past exams.
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