Increase Your Living room layout Space To Make Room For Bigger Family

We are living in the age of ?boomerang generation? where children are coming back to live with their parents after spending some time at their own. There is also a new trend in which parents are returning to their children to live with them. The reasons are many and obvious and although it is a good thing to live under one roof, the houses are not built to accommodate more than one set of parents and one set of children.

How to Increase Living room layout Space:

Do Not Despair When Your White Goods Have Had EnoughAll you need to accommodate different generations of your family under one roof is to make some minor changes to your house to increase the living space and following lines explain how.

Add Light and Space:

Attics in most of the houses are low in height and unable to be used due to shape of ceilings. You can overcome the problem simply by adding a dormer to increase usable space and light and for extra height. The dormer can either be small or large according to shape and size of your house. These dormers will lend an elegant look to your home from outside and will create some space to place an extra small bed as well.

More Flooring Support:

Most often the floor of an attic is not designed to support heavy loads. Therefore, if you want to use the attic as a living area, you might require some structural upgrade as well. In this regard, always consult with a pro to ensure that the new development complies with local building codes.

Mind Your Steps:

Stairs leading to attics or basements are often not secure enough for regular use. If you want to convert the basement or attic into an enjoyable living space, you might need to rebuild or even add some stairs. In order to add some beauty to the staircase, you can build a window at the top of it that can illuminate the living space with natural light to make your home more charming and enticing.

No Space Wastage:

Though some spaces under the roof are not suitable as a living area, you can convert them into terrific and large storage areas. Furthermore, you can also use them as beautiful sleeping alcoves for little children and it can be a perfect place for storing toys of the kids as well.

A Way Out:

Most of the building codes require you to build an emergency exit with every bedroom. Even If codes do not mandate that, it is always a good idea to have one especially in the basements. Just imagine what can happen if there is no emergency exit and a calamity strikes your home.

Keep Your Home Dry:

The wood used in making adjustments in your home will act as a wick and will definitely soak water up from basement and concrete floors. Therefore you need to have separation between new material and concrete while building new walls. In this regard a good builder can help you a lot about how to accomplish this task.


It is always a sensational idea for different generations to live together in one house. It might cause some problems as far as living space is concerned but you can tackle all the problems by showing some heart and making some adjustments in your home. Furthermore you can also make you Living room layout  attractive by using beautiful cheap canvas printing on the walls. It will add beauty and elegance to your room.

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