Why you need to see the blissful magic of beaches in incredible Goa this vacation

Goa is one state in the country that has remained a tourism hotspot on a global scale. Foreigners and Indians throng here in multitudes every year and yet the appeal and attraction of the place never seem to wane out. Read on to know more about Goa and put your holiday plan into motion, accordingly.


Arrive the times of festive seasons around the Christmas and the New Year and tourists from all over the world start pouring in at Goa. People come here on a long vacation and prolong it even further for the sheer bliss of it. Such is the magic of the sun-kissed beaches of Goa. In fact, in India, if there is any prominent beach tourism anywhere, it is in Goa. This is exactly the time you should start planning a trip to Goa for a time of your life. Reach Goa just before the festive fervor kicks in and explore the other attractions, build the mood, before you hit the beaches for a great party time ahead. Here is a word of caution: Goa is an unforgettable experience out and out. So, click as many memories as you can to savor for years to come!


Staying in Goa is truly enjoyable and accommodations are available for every budget. Hotels in Goa are swarmed by Indian and European tourists during the peak season, so, making advance reservations for hotel rooms in Goa is definitely something to get done prior to your arrival. The range of hotels vary from guesthouses to luxury resorts and homestays.

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If you wish for a less-crowded place for your sojourn, you can choose an accommodation in hotels in Goa in the southern part, where the beaches too are more tranquil and quieter than compared with the northern parts. For an out-of-the-box experience, you can rent a shack on the beach itself, which is, of course, a bohemian way of celebrating the holidays during a vacation. For a more convenient and comfortable lodging, Goa hotels are the best bet for you.


Goa is the most happening place to be when it comes to an exciting holiday time. It is so full of that exuberant vibrance of life that everybody so eagerly seeks. Amazing coastlines, wonderful arrangement for tourists, and the legacy left by the Portuguese from their centuries of occupation make Goa an incredible tourist destination. The place is not just about the beaches, it also boasts of churches and forts which possess an exquisite architectural grandeur which is visible as clearly, even today.


Goa is a mix of Catholics and Hindus. The northern part is where the most famous beaches are. The residents of northern Goa are mostly Hindu and speak Marathi as this region touches the Maharashtra border. On the other hand, Southern part has a major population of Catholics who speak Konkani. Mandovi and Zuari are the major rivers in Goa and these flow through the central region where the state capital, Panjim, is located. This is also the region where the vestiges of former Portuguese inhabitation can be found in their ruins in Old Goa. Dabolim, where the airport is, also falls in this zone.


Coconut and cashew production, trade, and fishing are the main occupations in Goa, although tourism is the major contributor to the state revenues. The history of the state goes back to 11th century and it has always been a significant place at any point of time. It was part of the Mauryan Empire in 4th century B.C. and played a key point in the trading route through the Indian Ocean. It also served as a port for Haj pilgrims during the times of the Muslim Sultanate.


Tourists can explore a lot of things in Goa. The best is to start the itinerary from Old Goa right along the river Mandovi. There are many attractions around here – Our Lady of the Rosary, Viceroy’s Arch, St. Francis of Assisi, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and Our Lady of the Mount. Old Goa is full of monuments the architecture of the buildings is worth your notice. Worn out, laterite buildings with ruins of imported basalt and churches built in Baroque architecture are worth a visit.

About six kilometers from Old Goa, Pilar is a significant pilgrimage visited by a large number of Roman Catholics. The place is also known as Goa Velha.


North Goa is full of forts and some of those worth visiting are – the triangular fort of Reis Magos, Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, and Fort Tiracol. While visiting these forts, you can take a tour of other popular sites and places such as Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception near Mapusa in the Moira village, Mulvir Temple at Malpem, Church of St. Alex in Calangute, etc.


South Goa has a sharp contrast to what North Goa has to offer. The single fort here is the Cabo de Rama. Although around Margao, you would find rock carvings of Usgalimal. You can explore these places before you make to the beaches and rent a shack for a relaxed and easygoing time.


Reaching Goa is easy as it is well connected with the important cities of India. You can board a train from Delhi or take a bus from Mumbai. You can even hire a taxi as the highways that lead to Goa are blessed with scenic surroundings and the good condition of roads makes the road trip a thoroughly enjoyable journey. Flight, as always, are the fastest way to commute and flights from metropolitan cities frequently take off to Goa on a daily basis. Train journey takes a beat longer, but is ideal for those who seek a budget travel. Train tickets can be booked online and in case of a waitlisted ticket, you can always check the latest PNR status.



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