Relevance of Life Skill Education

    About Relevance of Life Skill Education

While we hear the word “Life skills” many of them have doubt on what really life skill is and does this have any importance to one’s life. The term itself defines what actually it is and it refers to skills that you need to make the most out life. It is usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. This helps us to fulfill our ambitions and to live out with full potential.

When we talk out of these skills this can include number of skills and many may relevant to you or sometimes irrelevant based on culture belief and life style that each individual possess. Every individual should possess all most all these skills in their lifetime. For example when we go to school or college we should have study skills. Study skills are important because while in school or college our career is based on our life skills.

Another situation is that while we buy a house we should possess negotiation skill where it refers to our ability to make out compromises or agreements in a situation. In case to get a good job we should possess employability skills. If at all we have good job we should have good presentation skills and leadership quality. All these skills determine the individual capability. Apart from this while we start to lead family life there comes time management skills and organizing skills.  Last but the least the most important skill that everyone should possess is time is stress management, conflict resolution and problem solving skills because this is important throughout the life.

But whatever is the thing the ability and willingness to learn is the important life skill. By learning new skills we just understand the world around us and equip ourselves to withstand with all the conditions to survive. We may be finding ways to solve the challenges that we face in life if we have these skills.

Have your ever thought this skills have great resemblance to our educational life too. Because it is the time, where we need to be more active and potent enough to do all the activities in life. As we all know that any of these skills is defined as the adaptive and positive ability or behavior that enables individuals to lead a successful life. There comes the real importance of life skill education where this enables adolescents to transits from childhood to adulthood by the complete development of emotional and social skills. Also improves the problem solving skills and develop the social competence and create their own identity among the conditions they live. Also can be mediator to solve the problems. Development of one’s personality and the upliftment of self-power is the one of the most important thing that we can gain if we have these skills. These skills are not one that we can attain to write or read it is all what we need to attain by the experiences as we move on through our life. Life is a journey and we need to move accordingly with strong positive mind.

There are some of the life skills that each individual should possess to have a smooth educational life and career ahead. The most important are the study skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills and the capability to understand and work with situations are the important life skill one must have. To have a healthy body and mind is mandatory for us to survive and for this personal skills are necessary. Life skills will also help us to relieve from the stress and other tensions also get rid of addictions that may harm us at any cost. Interpersonal communication skills are also important for us to have because we may find hard without these skills to survive.


 About Relevance of Life Skill Education


Since the society around us develops rapidly the skills we possess should also increase rapidly and then only we will be able to cope up with the situation. Life skills as said include both physical skill developments since we are not only criticized by the friends and family but also by the whole world. The skill to defend and withstand with any situation is never going to disappear and we have stay stronger with all these situations. However life skills have great role with each individual’s life for developing them to be a complete individual.


There are some keen points that we must keep mind to stay positive and that is to skip the first judgments since there will be many to point out our mistakes and no one to correct. So the thing is that we should never let to these judgments, rather find ways to correct our problems. We should be aware of the Social media and its importance and also the impacts with daily life. We should also have the ability to switch off which is being shown in surveys that these life skills really work well. However life skills to get a positive and peace of mind is important for us to have a successful career ahead.




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