RPO vs Traditional Recruitment: Which One Should You Choose?

Every company needs experienced and talented employees to make its mark in the market. Besides your reputation, your employee makes sure that your customers/ clients are happy. This is why the recruitment process you choose is important for the future of your company.

The competition has increased significantly in the business industry, not only for companies but also for candidates. If you don’t hire an experienced and highly eligible candidate, he/she might go to your competitors, which definitely is not a good thing.

This is why it becomes important that you choose a recruitment process which is highly efficient in hiring employees for your business. Before we move on to the comparison of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and traditional recruitment, let’s have a look at what is RPO?

What Is RPO?

One of the many challenges in employee recruitment for your business is – filtering the right candidates through the crowd. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is transferring your recruitment processes to a competent service provider, also known as, recruitment process outsourcing company.

Let’s say, there is a requirement of 20 candidates in your company. Instead of doing it in-house, you hire a service provider or a recruitment company to do it for you. As such, you not only save your company’s resources in hiring the right candidate but you also ensure that the best eligible employee is hired for your company.

RPO vs Traditional Recruitment

The Cost Factor

When you are planning to fill a vacancy in-house (traditional recruitment), there are many things you have to take care of such as raising vacancies on various platforms, filtering the right candidates, arranging for their selection process, doing a background check on them, and many others.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has experts in the field who have access to the right resources. They have been doing this for years and knows exactly how to hire the right candidate for the job. The overall cost of hiring an RPO is definitely less than allotting to your in-house department in terms of resources.

Candidate Quality

The quality of the candidate hired is of primary importance. After investing your resources in the recruitment, you would obviously want the security of selecting the right candidate for your company.

Hiring an RPO company means your vacancy won’t just be filled, it will be filled by the most eligible candidate in the market. RPO companies have the experience of working with different businesses. They know how to keep candidates interested in the post and actively engage with them.

Vacancy Filled In Time

It has been observed that even in large scale enterprises vacancies remain unclosed for weeks. It is, therefore, important to follow a recruitment procedure that yields timely closure of any vacancies.

Hiring a recruitment process outsourcing company makes sure that your requirement of a candidate is fulfilled before time. It is very important because every employee of your company plays an important role in its growth and any delay in the recruitment for a particular profile.

Therefore, an RPO is a better choice over traditional recruitment processes process for hiring your company’s employees.

Higher Accountability

RPO companies have a reputation to maintain and this is why hiring a good company for your company’s recruitment.

RPO companies have experts in the field working to hire for your company and send regular progress reports in the process. This means you will receive greater accountability and responsibility from an RPO company than your in-house department.

There are many such benefits of hiring an RPO Company than following traditional recruitment processes. Stay ahead of your competitors by hiring an RPO company for your business today!