Some General Information About Medical Tags & Their Importance

Before we dive into the topic of why you need a medical necklace or not, you need to know that a medical bracelet or a tag is not something everyone is supposed to or required to wear. This specific tag is termed medical for a reason. It is a way of identifying people who might be suffering from some medical issue that can require immediate attention of the emergency services of the first responders. The tags are made of general skin friendly metals and are engraved with the patient’s medical information – any specific medical histories, et al. There are certain authorized medical organizations as well who provide medical tag based on the membership.

Types of Medical tags

A medical tag could be worn in various shapes and forms. You could get a medical tag that can be put in a skin-friendly chain to be worn around the neck, or you could also get a medical necklace custom made from various online stores for medical tags. A medical tag can also be worn as a bracelet or even pinned over the clothing. There are various online stores that are offering customizable ranges of medical tags in a plethora of styles, colors, designs, metal forms and for various purposes.

What are they generally made of

Today, with the advent of personalization in almost anything, you can easily get a custom made medical necklace from various shops online in various metals. Metals are a preferred material for these tags as this makes it tear and wear resistant and easy to spot too. Generally medical tags are made of stainless steel. Although people can also get it made it sterling silver and even gold.

When to wear it – and when does it become a must have

The mandatory conditions for wearing a medical tag are many. And its use depends upon the condition of the patient or as prescribed by the doctors. Some of the conditions that absolutely warrant the use of such tag are :

* Alzheiemers






Memory disorders







Anaphylaxis allergies

adrenal insufficiency


Since medical neckalces are to be worn almost all the time, especially when you are heading out of the house. To make sure you have donned your medical tag at all times, you can get a medical necklace instead. It is more like a jewelry piece that can be donned with any outfit no matter what and serves the purpose just right.

With advent of technology, there are various methods now available in the market for patient identification or getting medical attention in case of an emergency. There are scannable codes also available in the markets these days. But when it comes to keeping it simple for elderly patients, medical tags, and necklaces are your best bet. You can read more about it here and get your medical necklace personalized just the way you want it while keeping the standard guidelines in mind.