Tips about roman numbers and their impact

Tips about roman numbers and their impact

Tips about roman numbers and their impact

Roman numbers have existed in our society for a long period. In this system, various symbols are used to depict the numbers that we use. The people of the Roman empire were the ones who discovered this system. The main feature of these numbers is that they consist of alphabets. These alphabets are equivalent to the numbers that you use. Some of the common examples are ‘I’, ‘X’, ‘V’, ‘L’, etc. Roman numbers are used in different combinations to form the chart of the numbers. Many people think that these numbers have no use in the modern generation.

Roman letters: We all know that there are 26 alphabets present in the English language. But only 23 of them are considered while forming the roman numbers. The alphabets that you won’t see are J, U, and W. Besides them, all the letters are involved in creating the numbers that people use. 

Conversion: You can use a very simple way to convert a roman number into a numerical form. For example, there is a number 543 present in your question. All you need to do is break them apart separately to find the roman form. When you do that, you will get 500,40 and 3. Put the roman form of these numbers(DLXIII) side by side to get your answer.  

Rules to follow: You need to know a few tricks to understand how to derive the numerical form. The objective of this process is the reverse of the previous one. The simple rule is to add the symbols if one smaller one exists on the right hand. For example, if there is XI, you need to add X and I to get the number 11. If the smaller symbol is present on the left-hand side, you will have to subtract. Take the example of IX only for this solution. Subtract I from X to get the number 9 as your answer. 

Benefits of this system

To know why you need to grasp this number system, go through these points.

  • This system is taught in almost all the schools abroad. Thus, if any child knows this, they will remember it by heart. You won’t feel left out when you talk to kids from other schools regarding Maths. 
  • For kids who use this system will be in touch with additional and subtraction. It increases their ability to solve mental maths problems as well. You need to apply a bit of knowledge and skills to learn all these numbers. 
  • You won’t have to use the number ‘0’ in any of the sums. The roman numerals have made it possible to depend on a system without zero. It reduces the time to write down and calculate the sums. People often get confused and commit mistakes because of this. It makes things even more complicated when you have to multiply or divide. To make the process fun and less typical, you can make use of roman numbers. 
  • It allows you to know a lot of facts that you never thought existed before. The subject is built to increase the level of intelligence. Kids may often be a part of quizzes and other competitions. Some of them might ask questions related to roman numbers. It is quite famous in the world of mathematics. Hence children can gain a lot of benefits in their academics with the help of it. 

You can improve your proficiency in maths with the help of roman numerals. For exploring the concept more you can join the online math classes from Cuemath. There you will find more tricks such as rules of writing, forming the chart, etc.


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