The Bar Comes to You: Stay Where You Are


When it comes to having a good time few people need any persuasion. The weekend typically sees town centres up and down the country filled with revellers,moving from bar to bar enjoying their leisure time in the company of friends. Indeed the whole environment is conducive to having a good time. However, for those special occasions when it is the time to share with friends and family, it is nice to do something a little different. That little difference is simple; why not get the bar to come to you?

The Bar Stay where you are

You don’t need to move a muscle to get a service company to come to the venue of your choice, set up, supply and serve alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and tidy up when everyone’s done. Such a civilised way of doing things, I am surprised no-one has thought of it before.

All that you need to provide are the details of the venue, the numbers of guests you are expecting and the range of drinks you want to provide. It is likely that the company will have a few ideas of its own; new cocktails are emerging by the day in the holiday hotspots of the Mediterranean and the exclusive bars in many UK cities. Whatever is trending in the trendy party hotspots around the world, you can be sure they’ll be served up if you request them.

Any venue

The venue will never be a problem. If you hire a mansion for the weekend, perhaps to celebrate a 21st birthday then there is obviously plenty of room to locate a bar. Don’t wait for a 21st birthday to make an excuse to have a mobile cocktail bar in attendance any special date is a good time.

Having a retirement party for a work colleague or friend, a 25th or significant wedding anniversary celebration or an engagement party, a mobile bar will add more than a little spice to the event. Bars can be geared to the theme of an event; ‘Star trek’, ‘Hawaiian beach’, Halloween fancy dress or ‘Ghost of Christmas Present’ are a few ideas which spring to mind. I am sure you can think of a few more; maybe you already have an idea of a theme swirling around the grey matter.

You may want an outdoor event in your back garden, even a beach if you can get a spot for yourself. Few people need an excuse for a party and the company providing the bar is likely to be of similar mind. Typically the ‘mixologists’ serving from behind the bar will be as much in the spirit of the event as your guests will be.

Some of your guests may not drink alcohol and others perhaps are reluctant to experiment; they can stick to wine while an imaginative range of cocktails are prepared for anyone happy to try something different. You may want a preview to see what you are getting and that is easily arranged.

You do not have to have the ‘mixologists’ behind the bar working away, although to me that is the best solution. You may fancy yourself as the ‘great mixer’ and want to give mixing a go yourself. You may already have a sound knowledge of mixing cocktails and want to run the bar for your guests.

You may decide that you want to supply the drinks and mixes yourself and you should have that opportunity bearing in mind that some of the special cocktails a company might have created can require you to buy something in particular. Many of today’s popular cocktails have a white spirit as a base;certainly the deliveries of vodka that a cocktail bar receives every week mean that is an absolute essential.

No worries

You may instead want to hand everything over to the company and just turn up on the day. Leave the responsibility of the bar to the professionals, while you enjoy the mixes along with your guests. It means you have nothing to worry about and no last minute problems for an event you may have looked forward to for a long time. You will simply pay for what you consume. A good service company will have everything under control including someone to oversee the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. It is truly a different experience. If you haven’t been to an event where a mobile bar has been one of the attractions, now is the time to think about setting that right. Your own event with a mobile bar – sorted.

Mobile bar hire
is the modern way to enjoy a special occasion. It is not that you may not want to mix with the general public it is just that special occasions merit special treatment. Why go out when the bar can come to you?



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