The Emergency Kit For Your Embarrassing Situations

Are you a born klutz? Do you often find yourself in embarrassing situations at a party? All you need is an emergency kit to save you from all your problems. A kit in your girl’s party bag that includes everything to avoid an awkward situation. We have curated a list of such things, have a look.

Safety pins

A safety pin often acts as our knight in the shining armor when the distressed damsel is in an utter need of something to fix her outfit. Then be it a neck piece or your dress, a safety pin can do it all. Never forget to carry a bunch of safety pins so that you can save yourself from a wardrobe malfunction. And if you are a born klutz, hold onto to your safety pins because they essentially hold the capability to save you from a whole lot of embarrassment. Not just for yourself, but safety pins is something that can also save your girlfriends from unwanted situations.   

Heel  Protector

Are you heading towards a beach party? Or are you not sure what the venue of the party is going to be like? Always carry a pair of ladies heel protectors with you. What stoppers heel protectors do is that it help you walk freely on uneven ground like sand, gravel and even grass for that matter. The stylish heel protector can easily fit in your girl’s party bag. There are times when later into the night the party shifts to a different venue that might include a beach or the backyard, that is when you can easily pull out stoppers heel protectors from your bag and stick it onto the bottom of your shoes. No girl would want to ruin her favorite pair of heels that is why stylish heel protector was designed. To give women the freedom to walk without having to worry about tripping or staining their heels. Various websites sell ladies heel protectors at affordable prices, you can check them out.  

Breath freshener

Now, who wants to ruin things with their date just because of bad breath. Bad breath is that one devil that will pop up to surprise you at your most important event. And you won’t be able to detect on your own half of the times. It can be a huge turn off at situations where you are trying to make an impression. Then be it a corporate event or a date night. That’s when breath fresheners come to the rescue. Carry a few mints with you so that you can pop them in whenever you feel the need to without hampering your confidence.

An extra tampon

Let’s admit it, girls, we all have borrowed a tampon from a good Samaritan woman at least once in our lives. It’s that one thing that binds us, women, together and helps us come closer in the time of need. Okay, it’s not the only thing, but you get the point. So never fail to carry an extra tampon in your purse. It helps you in saving your expensive dress from staining and not be a reminder of bad memories for you. Not just for you, but you can return the favor of womanhood by lending your tampon to someone who is in need.