The Value of Interior Fit Out Designs for Employees

Transforming an interior space for an enterprise always brings about tremendous joy, both for the designer and the office owner. Several beautiful commercial designs are produced by Dubai-based companies, considering that the city is the hub of commercial activity. Many experienced interior designers who use their skills to create motivating workspaces have their offices in Dubai.

Experience and Expertise

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Fit out companies in Dubai employ skilled professionals such as designers and project managers who work hard towards turning normal layouts to state-of-the-art offices. Knowledge of fit outs is necessary to create designs that match the client company’s values. All the changes necessary to make the space fully fit for use have to be done by the design company, and this practice is known as fitting out. Fit out knowledge is also helpful in creating customized office designs.

Since Dubai is already recognized as a world class business destination in the world, it is but natural that modern offices will present this impression of the city. Cutting edge interior designs create positive impressions, which are most helpful while signing future growth-based deals. The saying, “First impression is the best impression” holds true here.

Best Quotes

The client’s job is to provide design requirements of the commercial space, based on which the interior design team will be able to put forward a price quote. Clients can be sure that top companies will give figures as accurately as possible, with the vagaries being explained as well. Design companies do value the money being spent by business owners and generate quotes accordingly. At the same time, a company getting several offices renovated may be able to register for bulk discounts and/or custom quotes. Price is important, but it is not the only incentive for design teams.

Important Features of Designs by Interior Fit Out Companies

Attractive invitation lounges and well designed reception areas
Ergonomic and spacious meeting rooms
Modern spaces and seating arrangements
Proper arrangements for entry of natural light
Greenery and use of colors for showcasing a pleasing work environment
Luxurious and thoughtful interior design that demonstrates care towards employees, such that employees do not feel as if they are being forced to work

Climate Change and Interior Fit Out Designs

The building and construction industry accounts for roughly 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the world. National governments around the world have to step up and submit their long term climate strategies. The power sector has to be decarbonized and material strategies to reduce lifecycle carbon emissions have to be implemented. Interiors also have their own carbon footprints, which may be more or equal to structures. With the help of structural changes, and design for disassembly, the carbon impact here can be made mainstream.

2021 Office Design Trends

The whole concept of an office, including its design, went for a complete overhaul during the year, largely due to Work-From-Home options stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Several design changes to minimize infection had to be made, for those who still needed to go to office. Major office design trends that will be seen all throughout 2021 are as follows:

1.Videoconferencing Facilities- For working at office, videoconferencing is most important, especially for companies handling global operations. Some of the following reconfigurations are and would be visible:

a.Acoustic Reconfigurations as per needs
b.Multiple screens for in-house meetings
c.Smart and interactive whiteboards

2.Sustainable Designs- Much about sustainable office design has already been said above. Not just employees but even shareholders and clients will be attracted to companies committed towards decreasing their carbon footprints. The best talent will always be retained by a company that follows sustainable methods of growth, which includes:

a.Implementation of cycle to work schemes
b.Use of eco friendly cleaning products
c.Use of recycled or organic fabrics like bamboo, hemp, and raw/organic cotton
d.Environment friendly waste disposal methods
e.Suitable bathroom fixtures that can save water

3.Stress Management- Work life balance is very important for the health and well being of any employee. It helps to control work-related stress and manage mental health issues, if at all. Suitable recreation rooms and recreation room designs to decrease stress would be looked at.

4.Using employee suggestions for design modifications- Several people in the office can participate in the office design process, and not just members of the design team and company management. Since employees will use these spaces every day, it makes sense to ask them for valuable suggestions.

5.Space Division- COVID-19 has brought about several new thoughts in the office design space, with many interior designers looking for ways to create social distancing in the office. The challenge here is to create a design which is able to ensure that functionality remains intact as much as possible, despite the distance. Innovative methods of minimizing the spread of infection have also been taken into account.

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