The World’s Top 5 Wine Destinations For 2021

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

The World’s Top 5 Wine Destinations For 2021


Oenophiles thrive to try out the versatile noble grapes throughout their lives. How amazing would it be if you couple your wine cravings with a bit of wanderlust now and then? Wine destinations offer never-ending frolic, top-notch wine tasting experiences, and astonishing sceneries to cherish. Sommeliers might stock up their exotic wine collection as well on this astonishing voyage. Before that, you must find out the ideal wine tasting regions that suit your taste buds. From the red wines of Vienna to the Porto wine of Portugal, you must try it all.  

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Keep reading to know the best wine destinations that will leave you spellbound and craving for more.


  1. Languedoc-Roussillon, France



If you’re fond of the jazz vibes with a glass of wine and a noble environment, then make sure to explore Languedoc-Roussillon. Gerard Bertrand offers the chance to experience wine tasting in one of the most luxurious and biodynamic wine cellars. The annual festival, i.e., Jazz à l’Hospitalet, is not just a regular festival. It features the most authentic wines in the french premises with attractive music and a summery vibe. Make sure to spend your vacation in this region and experience the five-day festival to fulfill your oenophilia cravings. Viticulture enthusiasts might also explore Corbières and the related routes for the most authentic tasting experience. You might also learn the winemaking process if you’re curious enough.


Wine Regions


  • St. Chinian is a region situated right in the middle of the state. You might explore this place and get the chance to try some mouth-watering Grenache and Carignan.


  • Picpoul de Pinet is yet another top-notch destination famous for its white wine. Make sure to try the authentic and tasty white wines and pair them up with seafood and oysters.
  • Faugères is the ideal place for all the red wine lovers who like to drink some Grenache amidst hilltops and lush-greenery.



  1. Campania, Italy



Italy is a popular holiday destination due to its exquisite food and marvelous architecture. For the wine-lovers out there, Campania in Italy serves another purpose. Home to the never-ending list of reds like Aglianico & Merlot, you are likely to make the most of your time here. From exploring the beautiful vineyards to enjoying wines by the beaches, you can do it all here. Try making a wine cocktail with some authentics reds from Campania and Andre champagne to delight your taste buds. Apart from red wine, some whites like Greco and Fiano are also quite popular in this Italian premises.


Authentic Wine 


  • Aglianico is a popular wine from South Italy that offers much more than just taste. Campania’s climate acts as the perfect catalyst to the vineyards and emerges with authentic Aglianico. 


  • Falanghina is a fruity wine crafted out of white grapes and savory taste. Being one of the oldest grape varieties, you can experience the rich taste with some delicious pairings. 


  • Piedirosso is yet another Campania specialty crafted out the red grapes and lots of affection. Try this authentic wine and take your wine tasting to another level.


  1. Macedonia, Greece


Here’s an aesthetic location that offers around 80% red wine production throughout the year. For all the oenophiles who like sipping on some savory red wines, make sure to explore this place. Native wine grape varieties like Xinomavro dominate here and form the basis of the entire wine industry. When in Macedonia, make sure to try out their wine delicacies paired up with some mouth-watering dishes. You might experience the real wine-making process here with some spectacular vineyards and giant cellars. Before starting your journey, make sure to find the popular wine regions in the city for better exploration.


Wine Regions


  • Povardarie is the go-to place in Macedonia if you want high-quality wines with top-notch processing. Also, it provides the spirits that are extremely delicious and make you crave for more.


  • Pčinja-Osogovo provides the most authentic wines belonging to this region. Along with this, the picturesque sceneries and never-ending frolic is an added benefit of a trip to Macedonia.


  • Pelagonija-Polog is a famous region around Lake Ohrid, popular for its wine varieties, namely Vranec and Sauvignon. When you visit this place, make sure to explore the evergreen forests and enjoy a night camping.


  1. Tasmania, Australia



Being home to some extravagant sparkling wines, Tasmania is surely the Aussie wine capital. Once you’re done unveiling the treasures of Sydney and Canberra, fulfill the oenophile inside you in Tasmania. You get the chance to try out Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and many other variants. What’s even better is that these wines are extremely savory, well-processed, and mouth-watering. Tasmania offers you the chance to explore innumerable wineries with their special winemaking techniques. Some vineyards like Pooley and Freycinet are one of their kinds with huge cellars containing cabernet and pinot. 


Wine Regions


  • Tamar Valley is the oldest wine region in Tasmania and the leading producer of top-notch Riesling and sauvignon blanc. If you’re fond of natural aesthetics, the serenity of the mountains, and delicious wines, then make sure to explore this region.


  • The East Coast wine region has one of the best vineyards producing the authentic style Pinot Noirs here. For all the white wine lovers, this place is nothing less than a wine paradise.


  • Down south has the panorama vineyard exclusively for rieslings, If you like the spicy yet tangy flavors, then try out the wines crafted in this winery on your trip to Tasmania.


  1. Porto, Portugal


Near the Douro Valley, Porto is a popular wine destination for the sommeliers out there. Porto wine is an elegant wine with earthy feels and smooth texture. You can get the most authentic wine tasting experience as the region has its wine specialty. Fladgate’s wine warehouse offers the best wine history lessons and a Porto vineyards exploration. What’s even better is that they take you to a wine transformation journey. Fulfill your wine cravings at this exotic destination and make sure to stock up for the future as well. Also, the wineries explain the extravagant cork production of the region with great emphasis on the process.


Wine Regions


  • Alto Douro is a wine region filled with top-notch wineries and cellars like Niepoort. You can also experience porto wine tasting while enjoying the spectacular vineyards.


  • Upper Corgo is yet another region with wineries like Barros and Fonseca. Here, you can enjoy other wines like cabernet and pinot as well.


  • Baixo Corgo or the town of Oporto shows some refreshing sceneries along with affordable wine tasting experiences in Wiese & Krohn Successores winery.

Bottom line


The wine possesses the ability to transform every meal into an occasion. You don’t need a reason to enjoy a glass of wine. All you need is determination and an oenophile within. Some sommeliers wish to explore popular wine destinations and give fuel to their wanderlust desires. Before heading out, make sure to list down your favorite wine destinations to explore. From the Reisling of Tasmania to the Porto wine of Portugal, every wine has its charm. Take your travel backpack and start the journey towards never-ending wineries and aesthetic vineyards. Also, don’t forget to stock up some authentic wines for your loved ones on your way back home.