Top Tips To Improve Customer Experience At Your Hotel

Top Tips To Improve Customer Experience At Your Hotel

The user experience is one of the most important things in the hotel industry. Hotel owners invest their resources in improving the overall customer experience. They, sometimes, hire experts to suggest ideas to improve their customer feedbacks.

Hotels often assume improving their customer experience will give a big bump in their overall expenditure. The answer is – not necessarily. You can always find effective and cost-friendly ways to improve customer-experience of your hotel.

For instance, the toilets in your hotel rooms play an important role. Is your toilet clean spotless? Does it smell good? The toilet cleaning products and other toiletries you use matters. There are many such small things that can be Before starting with the list of tips to improve your customer experience, the next section discusses why is it important at all?

Why Is Customer Experience Important?

Anyone who is even remotely involved with the hotel industry knows that there isn’t a lack of options. If you don’t win your customers, they will go to your competitors without even giving it a thought.

It is like giving your customers an experience which will make them come directly to your hotel instead of looking for hotels in your area, the next time. It will not only boost your visitors but also increase Word Of Mouth referrals.

Here are the top few tips you can use to improve the customer experience in your hotel.


Customization Is The Key


One of the important things you should do to improve the customer experience of your hotel is by customizing your services for each one of your visitors. It doesn’t have to be very big or dramatic.

It could be as simple as a welcome card from your hotel with their name on it – “Welcome Mr. XYZ”. The card, of course, will have your hotel’s name and logo on it. A subtle and simple way of marketing your hotel.

People love when unknown people call them by their name and this is why you should train your hotel staff to address your customers using their name.


Subtly Remind Free Stuff You Are Offering


You offer more free stuff to your customers than you normally think. For instance, complimentary breakfasts, toiletries, free wifi, a drink on the house, etc. Whatever you offer for free, make sure that your customers know of it.

For instance, even if your customer doesn’t drink, there’s no harm in offering him/her. The customer wouldn’t drink but they will definitely use it when mentioning your hotel to their friends.


Ask For Feedbacks


Asking customers for feedbacks is another subtle way of expressing their importance. This will not only give them space to say if they didn’t like something about your hotel but it will also help you to use the feedback to improve the overall experience of your hotel.


Reward Loyalty


This is important. Do you reward customers on their subsequent visits? If not, you should!

If you have an online reservation system, make sure that you offer a discount (no matter how less) to a customer who has visited you before. You can also use phrases like “Welcome back Mr. XYZ”. You don’t have to wait for them to become a regular customer to start saying that.

There are many such tips you can use to increase the customer experience at your hotel. Start with the above-mentioned list and improvise as you go along. You can save on purchasing things for your hotel such as toilet cleaning products, bedroom supplies, etc. by buying them from the right hotel supplies store. Happy shopping!