Top Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Top Tips for Solo Women Travelers
Ladies, when you are travelling alone you need to take extra care; apart from all the freedom and excitement travelling alone can sometimes be lonely and unsafe. Ten thousand concerns might pop up in your head but don’t let these concerns stop you from travelling from having fun. There are a few basic street rules that you need to remember and just follow while travelling alone. Women Travelers have to be more cautious than men while on the road.
Follow the under travel safety tips that will help give you peace of mind and protect you as you explore the world.
Women Travelers
Dress Accordingly-To avoid unwanted attention dress accordingly, learn the local dress code as soon as possible, don’t wear dresses that make you look out of the crowd. Wear simple sober and dresses that match the local attire.
Avoid looking rich.
Carry a light- Avoid walking deserted streets after dark, keep a small handy flashlight with you, and keep it in your hand to avoid any mishap.
Personal Alarm or Whistle- Wear it as a chain or keep it to your hands reach and in moment to need don’t forget blowing it. This will help you make noise and indicate that you need help and someone might come up with a help.
Travel dictionary– It’s always helpful to know the keywords of the local language like Help Me and leave me alone. The dictionary will help you communicate with the locals.
Hotel Safety– Travelling alone is tricky, while booking a room in a hotel the most important thing to keep in mind is don’t take up a room that takes you to walk long ill-lit hallways, ask for a room that is close to the elevator.
First aid kid– You never know when a emergency pops up, so always carry a kit that includes all basic medicines like Aspirin, band-aid, antiseptic etc.
Keep your documents safe- Keep copies of your passport, credit cards in a separate and secure location, don’t keep all the cash in an open place use money belt to keep your cash safe.
Keep in Touch– Keep a few regular contacts while travelling alone, regularly email you family so that they can know where you are.
Watch your stuff– If in a situation of getting mugged, let the bag go, do not resist, let it go and then shout for help. Giving away all the cash from the wallet is also a good idea, but in this case thief might think that you are reaching out for a weapon, so better let go the back.
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