Types of Packaging Material Used in Relocation Industry

Types of Packaging Material Used in Relocation Industry

In human life, a relocation process can happen at least once. It can be a home relocation, corporate shifting process or industrial equipment transportation process from one place to another. One of the toughest parts of relocation is the packaging task. It has to get completed in a perfect manner – else, the items may get damaged. However, if you have sought the services of an experienced packers and movers company, then you can relax. Are you in Pune? Then, you can seek the Cloudpackers shifting services in Pune for your relocation. The reason, they use top quality packaging materials in the relocation process. This article focuses on the types of packaging material used in relocation industry.

Please note, in a relocation service, the packaging team will get different types of material. For example, kitchen glass ware, fragile art work, wooden chairs, steel cots & ward robes in home. When it comes to corporate relocation, then the team should pack personal computers, almirahs, servers & iron tables etc. In the case of industrial equipment, they will have to pack steel, copper and brass components. So, every packaging process may be different. The packaging team should consist of professionals who know how to pack the items so that they do not get damaged. So, different types of packaging material get used by the shifting service provider to ensure safety of goods. Let us find out about them:

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Our first mention regarding packaging material used in relocation industry are the corrugated boxes. It is made of mainly cardboard, and comes in various shapes and sizes. Have you seen a pizza delivery box? It is a type of corrugated boxes, however, of different hardness. There are cardboard boxes which are very hard, and can withstand wear and tear during a relocation process. Also, these boxes, when not used, can be folded and kept in the attic.

These boxes can be used for packing clothes, kitchen utensils, office files, industrial components and more. The corrugated boxes are known by various names such as wardrobe boxes, electronic boxes, cell boxes and more. The name can change depending on the requirement.

Plastic Boxes

This packaging material used in relocation industry (plastic boxes) gets used only on rare occasions. The reason to use plastic boxes comes when the family opting for shifting service has delicate items such as glassware that have to be packed and transported along with other goods. 

Chipboard Packaging

This type of packaging is mostly used when transporting industrial equipment. This is mostly used in retail industries.

Poly Bags with Zips/Tapes

There are times when the relocation providers may have to deal with materials such as magazines, papers and so on. So, they make use of poly bags with tapes and zips to pack these items. They make it air-tight so that paper and other items do not get damaged from dampness and moisture.

Bubble Wraps

Mention about bubble wraps, and you get instantly reminded of children breaking the air capsules in these items. The layers of bubbles can protect any item. Yes, there are different types of bubble wraps (thickness, layers) and the packaging team uses them as per the needs. 

Plastic Film Wrap

Composed of flexible material, this wrap is mostly used to wrap wooden chairs and items. Movers and packers use these film wraps to keep moisture and dust away during transportation. In warehouses, if you have to opt for storage, ensure to wrap the items with these film wraps.


Do you have lots of old furniture in your home, and want to get it transported for an interstate move? Then the movers and packers team needs to have it packed with blankets and foam sheets. This is to prevent scratches and damage.

These foam sheets also provide the cushion effect and act as protection layer to your items. If you have to transport large amount of electronic equipment, then the relocation team can also use thermocol sheets to provide the cushioning effect.

Please note, the blankets also get used during packing of bikes to prevent scratches. The foam sheets get used in car transportation. In fact, the most common packaging material used in relocation industry are blankets (for corporate shifting services).


Packaging Tapes

If there is one item that holds importance during the shifting process, it is the packaging tapes. You can have the best hard boxes, bubble wraps, but to hold the items together you need packaging tapes. The boxes containing the items should not open during the loading and unloading process. Cloudpackers team use only the best quality packaging tapes to hold the sturdy items in the boxes together. 


Are markers needed in the relocation task? You bet. There are tens of boxes containing your household items. How will the movers team identify the boxes containing the fragile and delicate items? You can mark these boxes by using markers. Also, if needed, the home owners can write on the box exteriors regarding the items contained inside. 

Box Cutter

These cutters come in handy during the unloading and arrangement of items at the new location. Else, it will take time to open the boxes. The box cutter is also used to cut tapes during the packaging process of home items in boxes. 


A normal component in any Indian home. However, the packers team use only the best quality. This is used during packing and unpacking of the items.

Wooden Boxes

These boxes are used only in rare occasions. It happens when the family has to transport a huge amount of brassware/expensive vases or art work to the new destination. The movers team packs these items with cushions & blankets in the wooden box and then loads them into the vehicle.


Similar to packaging tapes and cutters, ropes is an essential packaging material used in relocation industry. They serve a variety of purposes, such as securing the entire boxes inside the moving vehicle etc. Thick ropes are used to bring down heavy items from the first floor (or other floors) to the ground. 


Listed above are some packaging items used in the relocation industry.  Please note, there is only one factor you need to take note of, and that is the delivery of your items safely to the required location. The company’s profile and services needs to match your expectations. Also, before hiring a packers and movers team, you need to check the customer’s reviews, comments and complaints. Also, it is advisable to go for a physical visit to the company’s address. 

Then you can check the office settings and their team. If you find them reliable, hire them. Or else, move to the next service provider. If you have hired a reliable company offering the best shifting services in Pune, for example, Cloudpackers, then you need not worry. The relocation phase will get completed without any hassles. Hope this article on types of packaging material used in relocation industry has given you some valuable pointers. 

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