Understanding Australian Permanent Residency Visas

Getting PR for any country is not an easy task. It requires a person to be eligible by various standards and have financial stability. If you are planning to apply for Australian PR, there are 6 different types of visas you can select to apply for. Each visa varies in the eligibility requirement, documents requirement, sponsor requirements, etc. Here are the types of visa and suggestion that can help get Australian Permanent Residency.


It is a type of Australian permanent residency visa that is sponsored by an Australian employer. It allows the visa holder to live and work in Australia. It also allows them to bring their dependent family members to Australia to live with them. It allows the visa holder to travel in and out of the country on multiple occasions for an initial period of 5 years. It also allows the visa holder to apply for Australian Citizenship after certain years and by fulfilling certain criteria. Any employer can hire employees from abroad and if the employee is eligible the visa gets approved. The employer needs to be a lawfully and actively working business.


A regional sponsored PR is a visa for those people who get nominated by employers to work in a regional area. There are various regional areas in Australia and there are few areas which are exempt from it. The places which are not considered to be regional areas in Australia are Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, New Castle, Wollongong, and Sydney. The age limit for getting this type of visa is 45 years for Direct Entry Stream and 50 years for Temporary Residence Transition Stream. A person applying for this visa needs to meet the skill-set, qualification, employment experience, and English language requirement if implied.


Skilled Independent visa depends on the number of points a person applying for it gets in the test. If the person gets the required number of points, he can live, work or study in Australia. There are certain requirements that must be met such as applying for an occupation that is considered medium or long-term strategic skill. The applicant needs to be under 45 years of age. Clear the skill points test which is currently 65 points. Meet the qualification, skill, and English language requirements. Meet health and character requirements. Submit an EOI to get invited to apply for the visa.


The applicants are nominated by the Australian State or Territory and are awarded 5 points. It means that the 190 skilled nominated visa is an alternative to the 189 skilled independent visas for people who missed the passing marks by 5 points. It also means that the process will be quicker. It does have the same basic requirements as the skilled independent visa.


Visa holders that have already lived and worked in regional Australia for 2 years or more can apply for this visa. It requires them to have worked full-time in regional Australia for at least a year and meet the health and character requirements.


It is a temporary visa which allows the person to live and work in regional are for 4 years. If the person is eligible, he can apply for 887 visas later on. There are 3 pathways for this visa which are invited, extended, subsequent pathways. The pathways have different requirements which need to be met in order to get the visa.

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