8 Reasons Why US Attorney Should Create A Legal Blog


Becoming a lawyer is an expensive endeavor. In the United States, this means four years of undergraduate studies and three years of law school. If you want to study in top-notch universities, be ready to shell out about $150,000 for law school alone. Thus, you can just imagine the amount of student loan that lawyers have to pay off once they practice. With that kind of debt, who has time to even think about such mundane things such as blogging? Nonetheless, there are many reasons why a lawyer should create a legal blog. 

If you are one of those who refuse to finally become a blogger, here are some reasons why you should finally give in:

 Legal Blog

1. Blogging is an effective form of advertisement

Victor Hugo once said “that “when a man is out of sight, it is not too long before he is out of mind.” Lawyers, like Hollywood stars need to be visible in order for their careers to take off. A blog is like an advertisement for a lawyer. A well-crafted blog creates buzz, and buzz keeps you in the minds of potential clients. In a country where there is one lawyer for every 265 Americans, you can see why you need to put your name out there. Think of it this way, how will the client find you if he does not that you exist?

2. It can serve as your intellectual exercise

Merely graduating from law school and passing the bar will not turn you into a good lawyer. You need to hone your skills especially in the area of your expertise. To be a good lawyer, you should know how to marry the theoretical and the practical applications of law. By writing about issues related to the law, you keep up with current events as it relates to your practice. You not only hone your intellect, you are always ready for a battle of wits in the courtroom or in the boardroom.

3. You can build your own network

Being an US  attorney means knowing other people in the legal industry. By blogging, you let other lawyers and other interested people your thoughts and stand on important legal issues. You open an opportunity for these people to network with you. 

4. You create a name for yourself and carve a niche

When you blog about the law, you create a connection between you and your area of expertise. For example, a lawyer interested in Hollywood gossip can blog about the legal woes of Hollywood stars. Media brings with it name recognition. Blogging turns you into a unique brand that attracts clients.

5. Social media is the new marketing strategy

We have to face the reality that social media is taking over the world. Almost everyone is a citizen and a netizen at the same time. It’s the most effective way to market yourself. If you don’t want to get left behind, you need to jump into the bandwagon fast.

6. It brings in the money

Even if you are in this business to help people, you also need to make money. You have a student loan to pay and a lifestyle to maintain. Blogging brings in additional income, and once you become well-known you will have additional passive income to supplement your income. While this may not be a lot at first, it will most likely increase as you reputation grows.

7. You bring yourself closer to the public

It’s ironic that although ignorance of the law excuses no one, the ordinary person barely understands it. Blogging is a means to help the layman understand the ramifications of the law. This will greatly endear you to your readers and you will reap the benefits of name recognition. 

8. You have another skill to be proud of

Blogging is not just stringing a few words and posting the same in the internet. It’s a challenge to make content that is relevant and to reach your target audience. But if you are successful, you are in a unique position where you straddle between the real and virtual worlds. It can offer other career opportunities for you such as lecturer, writer or consultant. It’s a skill that is worth having in this digital age.

Do not get left behind by advances in technology. Become a blawger now and reap the benefits of writing about the law.

Author Bio :

Jason Smith is a blogger for Rightlawyers. He enjoys writing about law and legal issues specially about Family Law , Personal Injury. 


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