Virtual Ideas To Engage Your Team

Support Your Members Virtually For Career Development

Virtual Ideas To Engage Your Team


Questions like membership pauses, extension, or cancellations might arise in your mind as a coworking space owner. When your coworking space would be opened again, would also be another question arising in your mind. For small businesses, this is the most disastrous time ever. 

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Businesses that require co-working spaces to be accommodated completely have been shaken a lot.  Accommodating in groups and working together is not the future anymore. Closing your coworking space during the current global pandemic might make your members uncomfortable. 

There might be some members who are not willing to work from home. Due to which they joined your coworking space. Establishing a proper connection among your coworking space peers virtually is necessary. But how can you engage your team virtually? 


Your members are always looking for value among your coworking space. There is a lot of pencil eternity due to the current health crisis and economic crunch. Preserving the value of your members is what you should be right now.


Creating a sense of community among your coworking space should be your aim. And that’s why we are here to help you. In today’s article, we will be looking at several virtual ideas to engage your team. 


Keep hosting events virtually so as to keep your members engaged while your coworking space is closed. This is definitely the best option. However, the following are certain ideas you can take help from to virtually engage with your team. 

Arrange Workshops Virtually Teaching New Skills

Spending every time at home productivity is what everyone wants to do right now. Most of your members are thinking the same. How to spend your time productively? Your members might be looking at several ways to spend their time productively. 


And what’s the best way of spending time than arranging workshops virtually teaching them some new skills. Focus on some of the valuable skills your members might want to learn or strengthen. Focus on the valuable skills which might help them to flourish in their businesses during the turbulent times. 

If you are not sure exactly which valuable skills to be focused on, start asking your members for their interest.  Hire an expert to lead the session. Indeed, arranging workshops virtually to teach new skills can definitely be a great virtual idea to engage your team. 


Virtual team building activities, as well as sessions, should be your first preferable option. 

Support Your Members Virtually For Career Development

There might be some members among your coworking space who might have experienced the negative side effects due to the economic crunch. due to which these members might be seeking or looking for a new job. help your members by supporting them Virtually for career development. 


Provide them the needed skills. The ways they can present themselves professionally for seeking jobs.  Arrange resume building sessions. Or professional LinkedIn profile building sessions. Consult an expert who can provide you the best possible tips to support your members virtually for career development. 

Creating A Virtual Panel 

There might be several topics in which your coworking space might be interested in discussing. Such as


  • How to efficiently work from home?
  • How to efficiently manage your working space remotely?
  • What are some of the best methods of homeschooling? 

indeed a lot of information is already available on the Internet surrounding these topics. shared office space are creating a virtual panel can be one of the smartest decisions to effectively manage your coworking space. invitations can be extended broadly with the help of virtual events. 


You just have to start thinking creatively and big. Start planning questions for your virtual panel in advance. Get perfect tips from experts during such panel events. Lastly, make sure to keep a perfect time frame for your members to ask their questions. 

Feature A Virtual Local Business

Due to the current global pandemic, we should provide all the support to the small businesses out there. Plan certain activities that can provide member benefits to your coworking space by joining hands with any of the local businesses around you. 


  • If it’s a restaurant, ask them to showcase your coworking space how to make a perfect dish
  • If it is a Boutique store, ask them to teach your coworking space how they can creatively manage their work
  • If it is a book store, ask them some of the best recommendations for books related to entrepreneurs, businesses, and motivations. 


Certainly, featuring a virtual local business and joining hands with them will benefit both the parties. Indeed, this definitely can be one of the great ideas to virtually engage your team effectively. 

Virtually Hosting Group Sessions

Arranging weekly or daily meeting sessions among your coworking space should be your first option. With the help of weekly and daily meeting sessions, you can get an update on how your coworking space is progressing. Daily updates can also help you to monitor changes if required.  


Start hosting group sessions virtually. In addition to this, such virtual group sessions can also be utilized to offer extra co-curricular activities online. For example, arranging yoga classes can be a great fun activity to virtually engage your team. 


Virtual team building games and activities can be the best option. Indeed, the lockdown has definitely created a huge economic downtown. Digital team building activities should be conducted once at least every week. 


Team building activities such as conference calls must also be conducted for getting daily and weekly updates. 

Our Voice

We all are sailing in the same boat. Every business is affected due to the economic crunch. Virtual team building activities are now the new normal. Engaging your team virtually can sound a little bit difficult during the first few times. 


However, if you start implementing the tips and virtual ideas to engage your team provided by us, this is not at all impossible. Creating team building activities during the lockdown can surely increase the amount of engagement and interaction among your coworking space.