Cool and Crazy ways to make your Wedding Reception Fun And Unique

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The newly married bride always wishes that her wedding reception should be an unforgettable one and every guest will enjoy to the fullest.

The tons of touches including unique and personal touches, the newly married couple added to make their marriage special and different from other couples.

So to make the reception memorable, here are some coolest ideas that can make your day special. Individuality and creativity of every wedding is encouraged and also it also differs from others wedding party. Hence these special ideas which are too choose the coolest ideas to make your day uncomfortable.

Wedding Reception

Show how much each bridesmaid knows the bride

The wonderful way to maintain a friendly relation between the bride and the bridesmaid is to hold special symbols to recognise how they know each other, or how close are they or how special is their relation etc. You can arrange a game for both of them that will be special and fun game as well.

Wedding party gifts are great attraction for the guests. It is one of the things that they will appreciate for the gifts and bless for a long relation with your new bridesmaid.

You can recall those moments by looking back on albums and cherish those moments of your life and you will realise that how close you guys were.

Try table games

You can also have arrangements some unique and timeless game for wedding reception. That will make a difference from other wedding party. Both the kids and adults can participate and enjoy these games and a lots. Try out games like ‘ I spy’ where ask your guests to capture every special moments of the reception which can make cherishing memory for you in future. You may also ask your guests to capture the moments in their handycam as sometimes the cameraman can miss those moments. You can add a tag line on the ‘I spy’ card along with an address where your guests can upload their snaps. Usage of digital cameras will save a lot of money.

You can also play Madlibs, a phrasal template word game. The activity of dinner table will increase bonds between the guests and led them to ask questions and you will get a kick while reading out the answers in future.

Hire Something That Attractive

Hire a Bouncy castle

Nowadays hiring a bouncy castle is in vague. It will give your party an extra image as well as an air of an air of excitement. Some bouncy castle hire provides a range of choice that every kids love to play with bouncy castles. It will keep your guests as well as their kids entertained for a long period of time which enables you to cherish your special day to the fullest. The bouncy castle consists of a large area to bounce over with a protection for rain which will not spoil your party.

Nowadays the lifestyle of the city people has changed totally with the change in mode of entertainment that also turned in diverse ways. Presently shopping malls, multiplexes etc are brimming in the cities with the aim of entertaining the people which also provides them relaxation from daily monotonous life. But this kind of artificial fun of childhood fails to generate the fun that you used to have in your childhood. Only if you have a proper aim then you can get the taste of the bouncy castles which takes out your exhaustion and tiredness. Sometimes question may arise that how come an adult may use a playing object of children. But clearing all the misconception an adult can also use the Bouncy castle like a child.

Single drink kits as souvenirs or gifts

Are you looking for a special way to thank your guests, then you can do it by gifting them single drink kits. It will also charm your friends and the day will be memorable to them.

Get guests home safely with artfully displayed taxi information

Keeping information about taxi in your area is a wise idea. To avoid the guests falling in any absurd or unsafe situations, it is better to keep arrangements of cabs in your party. It will prevent occurrence of any mishaps. This will led every guests to enjoy your wedding reception and will led them to home or hotel safely.

These are the small tips that will help you to make your wedding party unique and memorable for long time.

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