Why education is important among humans?

Importance of education among humans?       

In our fast growing world education have a great value. Without education we cannot reach at a position. Education is the process of acquisition of knowledge and is learning process.  Education is frequently taken by the educators, by this one the educator and learner gets knowledge. Education can be formal and informal. The formal education is divided into many stages as preschool or kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and college education. There is no end in a person’s education. We put the end for our education. Informal education, self education and distance educations are other types of education.  Education is to be able to reason, it is to use your ability to read and write and it is the way to gain your knowledge spectrum. Education has a great important in human’s life.

 Some reasons: why education is extremely important.

Importance of education

1.     By education a person get happiness Stable, balanced and self dependent life.

For your happiness, you need to feel good from within. For s stable mind and a balances life once you are self dependent and have a reputable standing in the society you must need education. Without education you can live independent in financial thing only. By simply being educated you may get a job and a well organized understanding of the world. Education may not be the key factor to the happiness, but it definitely becomes the reason for your other things which make you happy.

2.Live by learning yourself.

Luxury life is most people’s dream. By the education you may get good jobs and thereby you can live financially independent. And it also helps you to build networks with people who might be work the best in your benefit.

3.Economic growth of the nation

By the educated citizens, the nation definitely carves ways as self sufficient.  An economically independent society is the building stones to combined productivity that leads to an economic growth of the nation.

4.Healthy life for younger generation

If peoples are being educated there is a high chance of disease resistance. If the parents are educated they have fewer kids with better lifestyles and health.

5.Adapting newer techniques for productivity.

In this fast world, scientists try to build machinery with high values which decreases the man power. And it is impossible to operate with this machinery by a man who has no knowledge in the working of these machines. An example for this is most farmers use earlier techniques for irrigation purposes.


Value of education


Value of education is same as the importance of education. Education is the right of a person. And Education has both intellectual and economic value. Education offers better economic security and it also offers students with high paying jobs.


At the starting I mention that education is two types; formal and informal. Let us go through the formal education.

Formal Education

When we hear a word formal education, we strike that formal education is classroom-based, provided by trained teachers. Formal education not has a single definition. It can’t explain in a single definition. In one way, It can be stated as the act or process of educating or being educated. Formal learning theory is an important concept in formal education. Formal learning theory is the formal study of inductive problems and their solvability for both ideal and computable agents.

Formal education institutions are administratively and physically organized. A minimum class room attendance from students is needed by formal education. In an institution the teachers guide the students. If there any doubts in their lessons or activity the students must clarify it. The academic education is the best way to acquisition of knowledge. The person who can’t afford the school fees of students may leads the students to self study. It also leads to the informal one.

Informal Education

Formal education has a well-defined set of features, some of its discussed above. If there is an absence of some features from default one, we state that the educational process has acquired non-formal features. That is, if the given education system is not present most time or it is to be non continuous, we say that it as an informal education. The informal education does not require student attendance, since it is an adopted strategy. It decreases the contacts or communication between the students and teachers. And the assignment works or activities are take place outside the institution. We find several grades of non-formal education from the absence features of education process from the formal education. These factors distinguish them clearly.

Education is an important thing in human life since it is the base for our life. And it also becomes the reason for education growth.  Some of its importance is mentioned here. Education is formal and informal; there is no difference from the information acquired.  But formal education is more suitable for students. We can hope that our next generations can contribute more to the growth of world.

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