3 Tips to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great and Types of Furniture

You have no doubt invested thousands of dollars into making your home look beautiful. The Furniture is of course an integral part of the entire decoration whether it is the living room, bedroom or even the patio. While there is nothing more beautiful than hardwood furniture; there is also nothing worse than ill maintained dull looking furniture.

So how do you ensure that your furniture keeps looking great year after year?

modern-kitchen-interior-300x166 3 Tips to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great and Types of Furniture

Tip 1 – Keep it Clean!

Dust is the biggest enemy of your furniture. It does not matter, whether the material used is plastic, wood, bamboo or even metal; dust can blow out years from the most expensive piece. A regular cleaning with dry cloth and occasionally with liquid cleaner increases longevity significantly.

Tip 2 – Be Gentle

  • Now, as much as you want to plop down onto your comfy sofa and couch at the end of a tiring day; do so gently.  Every time you just plop into it while standing or if you have a habit of throwing your bags or briefcase onto the nearest table or chair; remember you are reducing their life and also ruining your investment.
  • Do not allow children to use beds, chairs, sofas or couches as a trampoline. Instead,  buy them a real one!

Tip 3 – Clean keeping in mind the Material

Each material requires a different method of maintenance. Leather cannot be cleaned in the same way as bamboo. The same stands true for metal and plastic too. Weather conditions have different effects on each.

Bamboo Furniture

  • Your patio looks great with the exotic bamboo furniture and it is actually quite easy to clean in the beginning. Slowly, as time goes on you will start noticing scratches and even stains if you are not very careful in its handling. Hence, dry dusting will not be enough. The fine cracks become vulnerable to dirt and debris flying into your patio. Use a dry sponge or a well wrung out wet cloth along with a mild detergent for cleaning.
  • The moment somebody spills any drink or sauce during one of your great barbeque parties; quickly wipe it clean using water. If immediate action is not taken, then chances of staining increases.
  • After using a damp sponge or cloth; ensure that you wipe it dry too!

Wood Furniture

Now, wood has long been a favorite and comes in all varieties to suit almost every pocket. Regardless of wood quality; the material will react to temperature, humidity and the kind of use it experiences.

  • Humidity must be well controlled for longevity of wood items. If you live in a cold climate then you will need to install a humidifier installed or an air conditioner if the weather is hot. Cracks can develop as a result of contraction and expansion if environmental conditions are not conducive.
  • A fireplace is a great place to cozy up, but avoid placing your wooden couch in front of it. Instead, you can use comfy rugs and cushions on the floor for a better experience of the fireplace.
  • Wood can of course be cleaned occasionally with soap and water, but in order to test whether your chair or sofa will not be affected adversely by it; try it on the back or at a corner of the legs where if any damage were to occur; it would be inconspicuous.
  • Hardwood must be waxed at regular intervals to keep is shining and new forever! Remember to clean first before using a polish or dust will get locked up along with the polish.
  • Like the old adage, prevention is better than cure; ensure that you use coaster or mats on wooden tables so that there are no stains that need to be removed or polished away.
  • Be gentle with wood, even though it is one of the sturdiest materials. It will really help if you avoid banging open or closing drawers and cabinet doors. Make sure to give the same instructions to children too.

Upholstered Furniture

Leather and Faux leather are the most popular material nowadays. In order to keep it looking new:

  • Dry dusting on a daily basis is a must.
  • Do not use water or liquid detergent frequently. There is no harm in using it occasionally, but then remember to wipe it dry.
  • Leather is one of the most sophisticated and highly priced upholstery because of its natural look. Hence, make sure that you use a special leather wax that will bring out its natural beauty and flaws. Although, leather comes from a dead animal; it still needs moisture to keep it looking great.
  • When leaving for a vacation; cover the leather upholstery with a muslin cloth so that dust cannot settle and at the same tile leather gets to breathe.

Metal Furniture

This type is usually used in the outdoors, but in any case part of the furniture used in the interiors can also have metal.

  • Aluminum is the easiest to clean and maintain and that is it is ideal as patio or poolside chairs. However, if tip #1 of cleaning is not regularly practiced, this durable material can also start showing wear and tear.
  • Wrought iron while being a strong and ideal choice for yard seating and for a coffee table is prone to rust. Hence, apart from cleaning; keep an eye out for any peeling off the protective coating. The moment you notice this, make sure to call the seller or any repair professional.

Plastic Furniture

This is a light and wonderful material when it comes to seating requirements on the patio or even as office chairs. You of course know the importance of cleaning by now and plastic is a material that can easily be cleaned or even washed with detergent and water. The main thing to avoid is sunlight. When using it as a patio or for seating around the poolside; it is not possible to avoid the sun, but one can increase its longevity by storing it in a shaded place when it is not required.

Thus, a few simple things that people often fail to remember or underestimate its importance can go a long way in ensuring that furniture, maintenance or repair expenses are kept at a minimum and they remain looking as great as the day you bought them.

Author: This blog has been written by Harry Caesar – expert writer, writes about home improvement and various creative topics. He likes to share the things which he has learned by his past experience and recommends Custom design furniture for you home.


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