5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools with Features

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New Free Keyword Research Tools

Before you begin with Search Engine Optimization, you need to spend a lot of time looking for appropriate keywords to optimize your website. Unless you’re sure about your selection of keywords, there’s little point employing Search Engine Optimization techniques on your website. Every online marketer believes in his own preferences while choosing the best keyword tools. 

If you go through any Web Marketing Experts review, you will find a lot of keyword research tools. However, a lot of information may seem overwhelming. In this post, we’ve discussed the 5 best free keyword research tools with their features.

 free keyword research tools

Trellian’s Keyword Discovery

Trellian’s Keyword Discovery Tool can easily capture data from over 180 international search engines. When compared to Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery is way more comprehensive. The company’s database consists of over 32 billion searches in the last one year.

Some of the most useful features of this tool include reports on frequency of searchers, KEI
analysis, specific industry keywords, related key phrase searches, Keyword Density analysis, common synonyms, common misspellings and so on.

While some keyword tools give hundreds of results for specific keywords, Keyword Discovery gives thousands. The Project Logging Feature in this tool can save a lot of your time.


SearchStatus was specifically developed for specialized needs of online marketers. It was
developed by Craig Raw, CEO, Quirk. According to most online marketers, it is a must-have keyword tool for internet marketers. This tool is a toolbar extension which allows you to see how numerous websites are performing on the Internet.

For every particular website you visit using Mozilla or Firefox, SearchStatus allows you to view Google PageRank, Alexa popularity ranking, Google Category, Keyword / Nofollow highlighting, Keyword Density analyser, Alexa related links, Alexa incoming links and backward links from MSN, Yahoo and Google. The best part is that SearchStatus shows you everything in one place.

SEO for Firefox

As the name suggests, this keyword tool is an extension for Firefox. This is a relatively new keyword tool. However, according to almost every Web Marketing Experts review, you will be using more of this tool with every passing day. This tool has been specifically designed to add more data to Yahoo and Google. This tool makes it easier for you to evaluate the competition in the market.

SEO for Firefox focuses on many useful marketing data points for a better view of the competitive landscape of the market associated with search results. Besides showing useful marketing data, this keyword tool also provides you with links to various data sources. This allows you to dig deeper into the data.

When you activate this extension, it provides you with a lot of important SEO information about websites visible in your Yahoo and Google search results. This information includes links,
PageRank, age, .gov links, .edu links, Technorati rank, del.icio.us numbers and Alexa rank.

This keyword tool also links to some Nifty keyword research tools like Overture View Bid, SEO Book’s Keyword Research Tool, Google’ Traffic Estimator, Google Trends and Google’s Keyword

Digital Point’s Keyword Suggestion Tool

This keyword tool shows you results from both Overture and Wordtracker. It helps you determine
which phrases and keywords are searched by Internet users more often. The best feature of this keyword tool is that it allows you to enter a phrase or keyword as well as the particular market in which you wish to search that term. However, data relevant to the market is only associated with Overture’s results.


When it comes to keyword research, this is one of the best tools in the market. This tool’s statistics come from only meta-search engines. Therefore, Wordtracker is able to compile a huge database of phrases and keywords which most online users keep searching. Wordtracker also has a related keyword facility which can show you a list of related keyword phrases you may not have ever considered.

Wordtracker is one of the most user friendly tools. It displays results related to the keyword
competing with popular phrases and keywords, number of searches conducted per keyword every day and so on. You can also save multiple projects in which you’ve saved keyword lists. There’s also an export option which allows you to email the saved list to your client.

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Daniel Mathew has been a vital part of the Webmarketingexperts.com.au reviews team for many years. He has a lot of experience with various keyword research tools and aims to share his information with budding entrepreneurs and online marketers.


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