8 Reasons Why It’s Best To Exercise In The Morning

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Does it happen to you whenever you start with some physical activity you quit after couple of days ?Are the concentration and your energy leaving you throughout the day, and you have insomnia in the night ?The best solution is : Morning Workout

Best To Exercise In The Morning

We all know how important is the physical activity not only for our health, but for keeping the shape of our body, but the one the you probably don’t know is that the best time to workout is in the morning. Probably you immediately think “working out is working out doesn’t matter if its in 6 A.M or 6 P.M,and 300 calories are 300 calories doesn’t matter if they are burned in the morning of in the afternoon”.

The truth is that the gains from the morning workout far outweigh the combustion of the calories.Physical activity in the morning gives you a faster metabolism,better sleep,and makes you happier and more energetic.Yes,it is not easy to drag yourself out of the bed, put your sports gear on and start running,walking, or other fitness exercises,but here are few reasons why you should set your alarm a bit earlier from the usual and to spare time for morning sweat:


    1   It Is More Likely That Exercise Will Become A Habit

Maybe you don’t have bad intention when you prologue the workout after the job time,but in that case it is more likely to find a good excuse for not giving a sweat at all.Morning workout is the best way to ensure that the other duties wont occupy your time planned for strengthening of your body, especially if you have dynamic life.If you plan the physical activity in the morning, than nothing can stop in your way.Actually, the biggest part od the people which regularly workout prefer the morning workout 

           2              Faster Metabolism Throughout The Day

Do you frequently jump off from your bed as fast as possible you go out trough the door ?In this moments maybe you feel awake, but your metabolism is still asleep.Morning workout not only will help you to boost your metabolism right away,your body will continue to burn calories with the same effort that you would do in the evening.

    3        You Will Feel More Energetic

Although you should get up in the morning to move your body,that wont lower your energy levels.The physical activity in the morning improves your mood and increases your energy.While you workout,you supply the muscles,organs and other tissues in the body with oxygen and other nutrients.Its improving the work of the cardiovascular system and it gives you energetic start of the day

            4                    Better Quality Night-Time Sleep 

Its hard to fall asleep at night ?Say no to the insomnia with regular morning workout,around 4 times per week.

Physical exercises increase the temperature of the body and keep the brain active,so the people who workout late at night have problems with the sleeping.3-4 hours are necessary after the workout for the body to cool down in order to get a good night sleep.Despite the late night workout,the morning workout has positive effect on the circadian rhythm of the body,that contributes better dreams.

         5              Better Control Of Appetite And Eating Healthier

Do you regular eat a little bit of cookies and other sweets because you cant control your appetite ?You prefer fast caloric food over the fruits and vegetables ?Start working out at the morning and most likely you will change your nutrition.Physical activity releases endorphins that makes you more satisfied and happier so there wont be any carvings for food.

Simultaneously the better quality dream during the night contributes for keeping the hormonal balance that helps for controlling the appetite.Researches show that the people that workout in the morning not only eat less during the day, but they choose healthier food.You don’t want to throw away your efforts and sweat just to eat a slice of the delicious pizza, don’t you ?

   6                                     Older Mind

Maybe you think that the coffee is the best way to wake up your brain in the morning, but the one thing that is really necessary is oxygen that you will give your brain trough working out.

Actually,sharp mind is one of the benefits that physical activity gives yes,and the effect lasts 4-10 hours after finishing the workout.Working out in the morning will allow us to use the hours when the brain is most active.In the morning, don’t run after the coffee,put on your working out clothes and shake yourself!

7                   Higher Productivity On Your Workplace

Do you constantly seek ways how to be more productive at work ?Start working out immediately when you get up from your bed.

Working out before you go to the office not only reduces the level of stress, but leads to higher productivity.Researches show that physical activity improves the capability of performing of mental tasks, and improves the memory.

        8           Greater happiness and sense of fulfillment

In pursuit of magic recipe that will make you happier ? Invest a few minutes for working out in the morning and you will improve your mood throughout the whole

Physical activities relax and trigger the brain to create endorphin, hormones that takes credit for the god mood.The people that exercise at least 30 minutes in the morning, as a reward get smile on their face till the end of the day.If we give the feeling of fulfillment and pleasure that appears because of the fact that we did something good for yourself ,you will get the complete picture after you finish with your morning workout

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