How Cake Baking Makes a Person Happier

Living a happy life can be attributed to different factors varying across different persons. However, recently conducted researches shows that happiness is indeed explicitly coined in cake baking. You may wonder how this two can be related but the feeling is so oblivious. When it comes to baking cakes the sensation is too high that the person in questions does almost everything to come up with something new or an improvement of what exist. Many people have been linked with various studies which show how well they have managed to move on with their lives much happily through their continuous engagement in cake baking industry.


So how can indeed cake baking make someone happier? Here are some of the reasons as to why baking makes a person happier

cake Baking

  • Passion


Cake Baking can be seen as a way of expressing ones interest in life and not necessarily as a hobby. Many people have studied various courses which have helped them to rise through life ladder. Baking being a passionate adventure by an individual helps one to do things which makes you happy. Being passion driven is the main reason behind any meaningful success. With extreme passion, you end baking the right cupcakes, cookies among others and get to enjoy life better as you experience the best of your ability.


  • Being in control


The entire baking process demands that you exercise full control in everything you engage in according to Marianne Keyes winner of the great British cook off nothing comes for granted. Baking requires that you take control of everything ranging from right ingredients, right tools to the correct procedure so as to realize great outputs from your baking. For example you need the right number of eggs, amount of sugar among others which gives the sense of control and pleasure. In return you get to relax your entire body system which will be reflected from that unfading smile in your face as you enjoy the cookies.


In addition, being in control means you are the boss. You dictate what goes where and when and thus the entire baking process results in a much great sense of glow which keeps you happy throughout. People with depressions in life have been more and more encouraged to practice baking as the whole procedure requires their full attention which can be reflected in the way they handle things around. The primary goal is to relieve them of any thoughts which succumbs them to distress. Baking can never be overlooked has it has helped many overcome this problem to some significant extent.


  • Therapeutic act


More often the whole baking process is seen more of a therapy session. Learning to express your feelings to the people and appreciating your ability through baking is one forward step towards healing especially for people with depression. When you bake something and offer it to the people, you are simply expressing your inner person. This in turn helps you to interact well with other persons. People are lucrative beings and are able to appreciate ones effort. This keeps you engaged and is a perfect means of fighting loneliness and feeling low at some point.


Julia Green who has been in the baking industry for over 10 years now acknowledges that baking has helped her deal with stress and sad moments in her career time. Dr. mark salter who is a consultant psychiatrist in London agrees that cooking and baking are perfect occupational therapy twins which helps patient grow in their planning, social skills and recognition though it might be not precisely determined the level of benefits accrued from one person to another.


  • Simple and easy procedure


The simplistic nature of baking around has opened doors for many people to exercise their expertise. More importantly to note is the fact that baking recipes are widely available making it easy to access them. This makes the whole baking process such a fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor and positively helps to alienate negative thoughts and other let down feelings while at the same time enjoying baking.


  • Meeting people’s needs


Many times depression is often associated with regret, failure, unwanted or even lack. Baking fills this void and helps depressed persons to bake something pretty which satisfies and pleases others in the outside world. This helps boost your self-esteem which enables you bake something beautiful and meaningful to people. Melanie who hosted cake shop for the depressed in London was cited saying that she always turned to her baking kitchen to prepare something nice when she felt stressed, pained or envisioned by negative emotions.


  • Appreciating kitchen tools


Baking has helped people with depression to appreciate kitchen tools to some extent. This engages them in preparing something for themselves and/or others motivating them to remain glued to the course of action. This is a positive move as it helps keep depression at bay and opens doors for more happiness in the long run.


  • Baking books


Several literature books on baking have been written so far such as recipes for every day & every mood which gives a greater insight of what the entire baking procedure involves. It tries to capitalize on how the various people affected by depression have been saved by baking. As such, reading through such encouraging information helps people overcome the negative thoughts which could eventually lead to a stressful state of mind depriving people of their peace of mind.

Marian Keyes in her book “save by cake” is a clear demonstration of how she has managed to cope with depression. Yes it doesn’t cure you but it helps to a great extent push through such setbacks.


However, it’s important to note that eating lots of baked stuff can also have negative implications on your health thus practicing some degree of caution is critical for everyone. Striking a balance for your diet is highly recommended as advised by Whaite as baked food has lots of sugar. It’s ideally important for every individual to apply for Australian Visa in the case of any health emergency as Australia provides a very good health care facilities.

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