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 God Interviews Rich and Poor

What first thing you will do?
Rich says-
earn extra money from home
I’ll spend all notes, money and if possible by going to mars were there is no life.
If I can’t go to mars, then I’ll spend my all wealth and take record loan to enjoy my fantasy


 Poor says
I’ll work hard with my kids and wife even if God say it’s my last day of life
I’ll enjoy my last day of life with full enthusiasm and thank God for such wonderful life.

poor beggars in world says

I’ll pray God to give me strength and support to work hard in this kind of situation.
Rich says
Although I had done record corruptions in many whole life, but I’ll do more and more charity in the world.
He deserves because he is world top businessmen and to earn more to attains and retain the top slot in the race of world top businessmen ranking.
Poor says
I’m just enjoying my simple life and that makes me grounded with all people around the world with people, animal, nature .My wish is to happily associate with nature and its beautiful world.
I’m in immense love with this beautiful life where I met with friends, family who keep my life excited even in hard times.
God ask Rich and Poor to choose between money or wife?
Rich says-
Though its hard decision I’ll accept life with money .My reasons are I still love her truly ,but in this world its hard to find her replacement to value of money.
If I have money then it’s nothing impossible to get new love or fall in love again.
Poor says-
I’ll never hesitate to choose my love first than artificial money in my life journey.
Yes I’m jealous and handicap of her support, that I can’t think life without her. So money will never ever buy me any kind of happiness that she gives me which is cherished able.

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