If GOD appears before you what would you wish to ask ?

If GOD appears before you


ask GOD


If GOD appears before you what would you wish to ask ? 

Everyone of us, be it rich or poor, have our own wishes.If you were to wish for anything, what would you wish to ask to god.

  • Super Fluffy

    I would ask why he made me ugly?

  • Alice Binta Madaki

    Why does he allow us to go thro soooo much pain, sorrows, losses? ??

    • Fatemeh

      Am I a sinner?

  • Sarla gopal

    My question b ……Our life journey is it already written went we are born??
    I definitely would like to ask more than 1 questions??

    • Linda

      I would ask I'm responsible to do my duties perfectly but why….I always escape.

  • Mariame Arsaga

    I would ask what is best for me?

  • Rahul Lohgaonkar

    I think God is only question and God is only the best answer because God is life ?

  • Lindsay Boyd

    My one question would be…why?…..that's it, just why….

  • Pamela Esparza

    Share my testimony to let all see as job I continue to love and trust God that God's pland are perfect I wish the hole world of people got along no more functionaing on drugs pills alcohol

    • Lindsay Boyd

      how about no more guns and violence?

      • Pam

        I would ask him to grant me a life of reason and religion simultaneously , which would be as improbable as the condition of this question.

  • arava padmavathi

    Who am I , who are u and what is this creation??

    • Lindsay Boyd

      good questions? those would be my next 3 if I was allowed??

    • Fatemeh Mohseni

      Of course not. All of us are the creations of one creator, so we should respect and like each other.

  • Valerie Carter

    I would ask God,to
    Bless me with lots of cash,so that I could help,those who are in need especially around the Holidays and most of all make sure the little ones and bigger kids have something to eat and presents for Christmas Morning!
    It sickens me to learn that here in the states ,our kids go hungry or are living in cars or on the streets and God only knows given the chance of becoming a millionaire,I would help as many people as I could!??

  • Steve

    Lord does arrived at me personally in addition to my personal wish seemed to be for Heaven that is known.
    I was also able to ask to be able to enjoy it. True story.
    I don't lie except when it suits me.

    • Jack

      I would wish for the ability to grant my own wishes whenever I wanted – what I mean by this is, well, whenever I wanted or needed something, I could simply think of it – or wish for it – and have that be granted. And, of course, if I dislike the consequences or ramifications of the wish, then I could wish to have it, or the consequences, undone.

    • bobby mcnair’s

      I would just enjoy his presence as I do as we

  • carter

    In short, infinite wishes. I am supposing that this question means that 'God' can grant one wish, but it could be for anything. Please correct me if this is incorrect in any way.

  • Ferran

    I don't believe on the existence of a supernatural being with supposed magical powers. However, if I have to ask him a question, it would be: "Whay did the Universe so complicated?". I'm strongly disappointed.

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