Rights to BOMB innocent PEOPLE

ISIS crisis: 

BOMB innocent PEOPLE

Does any country has rights to BOMB innocent PEOPLE?

drone kill innocent kid dead


Comment your thoughts about Does any country has rights to BOMB innocent PEOPLE ?

  • Katleen Brown

    The main fault and problem is human mentality…

    Everyone think they must take revenge against their rival, Why so? Is this right not at all..

    You people don't have any rights to kill innocent humans only because of the insecurity and devil in your minds.

    Give space and think from humanity… World will change.!.

  • Randolph Hoover

    No. Violence and Killing is just an obvious proof that we humans are just animals, who are more intelligent compared to others. But what if we are beyond that? Beyond savagery? Beyond human? But in reality, due to the massive population of humans in this planet, it would be hard to stop savagery.

  • Fatemeh

    Of course not. All of us are the creations of one creator, so we should respect and like each other.

  • Steve

    It is a matter of Power weak people are oppressed and that is normal espescialy when people of one race and one religion are not united like Arabs and Muslims , while other people who stand united will be strong and safe?

    • We feel atleast educated people should not bomb innocent PEOPLE in the name of justice