Must Visit Romania Tourism-Copou Park

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Copou Park is a very famous old botanical garden, which is located in Iasi City, Romania. Romania tourism is part of the European Union.
It is the oldest botanical garden in the entire country.
Romania Tourism
Copou Park proudly owns a lot of different kinds of flowers, trees and tropical plants, which are planted inside the solarium to keep them alive even though there are four seasons in this country, and the majority of plants, bushes, flowers and trees are planted in the garden.
These plants here are at their best during summer.
    1. Flowers. They are of different varieties of roses and chrysanthemums.
    2. Trees. There are different kinds of pine trees, willow trees and others in the huge garden.
    3. Ornamental plants. There are also bushes and other ornamental plants that can be seen near the entrance of the botanical garden combined with other flowering plants.
All these plants are arranged in such a way and design to make them look fantastic! Many locals and tourists visit this botanical garden all year round.

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