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Go on a typical Umbrian Vacation

Located halfway from both Florence and the Italian capital city of Rome, Perugia lies across a magnificent rustic hillside region of Umbria in Central Italy. The best time to visit this dynamic and cosmopolitan Umbrian city is during the Jazz festival, when the streets are crowded with locals and visitors from all around the world, and during the EuroCholocate festival; for those not aware, Perugia is a major producer of Chocolates in Italy.
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Whether it is a live music that soothes your soul, a scenic environment or magnificent historical architecture that makes it an ideal holiday spot for you, the city of Perugia is second to none for weekend gateway and an overnight holiday escape in the Italian peninsula.

The major highlights of this modern town include the artery of Corso Vannucci, and a maze of cobbled streets and pathways. Pozzo Etrusco which is an amazing well that dates back to the Etruscan era is located just off the Piazza IV Novembre.

In order to soak up the panoramic views and vistas of this exceptionally beautiful architecture marvel of Etruscan legacy, pass the wet walls leading to a bridge at the bottom of the well. Like locals, you may also toss a coin to ensure good luck before you come out in the sunlight.

Go on a gastronomic tour

Situated in close proximity to the Piazza Piccinino is the Pizzeria Mediterranea which offers the best pie in the city. There are plenty of restaurants and eateries in the town that offer many great variety of typical Umbrian food. Most of the cuisines you order here are made of local produces.

After pleasing your taste buds, you may head down to the Etruscan Arch of Augustus perched on Via Ulisse Rocchi; this iconic structure dates back to 3rd century and it is one of the most previous gifts of the Italy to the whole world. You will find a large number of places to have creamy gelato.

Don’t forget to try Cioccolateria Augusta while in the city; it has a flavor of white chocolate coconut, whiskey and truffle cream. Travelers with a sweet tooth are guaranteed to get spoiled by choices upon their arrival in this charming town of Perugia.

Go on the Historical Ride of the town

If you are a history buff, head down to the Duomo steps to swim in the breathtaking views of the grand Fontana Maggiore which dates back to 13th century and abounded with sculptures of prophets, Bible scenes, saints and several key events from the great Roman history.

Next is the Palazzo dei Priori which is another engineering wonder belonging to the 13th century. Embellished with the battlements atop the gothic, coral-hued public building, it is home to the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria that features views of Umbrian art canon.

Not to be outdone, there is a lot more worth exploring once and again in this charismatic town of Perugia. If you want to explore all it has on offer, stay in one of the villas rental in Perugia for a hassle-free holiday experience. You may browse great deals on Perugia vacation rentals online over the internet and buy the one that best fits your needs and budget.

So, are you ready for a once in a lifetime kind of holiday trip to Perugia?

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