Top 10 skills before Submitting Resume to the HR Department

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What skills should you develop before Submitting your Resume to the Human Resources Department?

The requirements that most human resources impose today are very demanding, which is why you need to learn about them first before applying for a job. Having one or two skills unfortunately will never guarantee job success and you’ll have to widen your perspective. The basic skills set that human resources look for in potential candidates include a variety of subjects like job skills, communication skills, diligence etc. Due to the stiff competition between companies the workforce that drives the company’s success has to be exceptional.

Your basic skills set should be as follows:



  • Basic Skills – this includes your ability to read, write and speak as well as basic computer operation and ability to follow instructions effectively. The human resources personnel are keen about this so make sure that you resent yourself neatly.
  • Job Skills – this is where your college education comes in handy and it will serve you well if you have good grades. For experienced applicants, human resources people will lean towards it and how you can contribute to the company, while for newbies will be tested before being considered.
  • Problem Solving Skills – math and analytical thinking is essential in achieving this skill so practice problem solving techniques. It helps a lot if you’re creative.
  • Communication Skills – being able to speak clearly, having a brain like a sponge that absorbs information in no time and being articulate are the perfect recipe for good communication skills.


  • Team Work – apparently an employee is part of a system that runs the entire company, basically employees doesn’t want to hire people who has issues working with others.
  • Dedication – going the extra mile is like gathering frequent flyer points and if you’ve reached a certain threshold, then you get to fly with a discount or free. In the job it is translated as promotion, so give it n extra 110% in doing the job.
  • Positive Work Attitude – if you’re the type of person who is bipolar, moody,
    baseline unfriendly, grumpy or ill-tempered then you can be certain that you
    do not have a positive work attitude. So think about how you can be the
    opposite of all these, because it will help you in landing the job.
  • Professional Attitude – the company would function well if the employees are doing their individual tasks assigned to them, this is what it means to be a professional. The interview manager from the human resources will instantly see this at the time of the job interview.
  • People Skills – are you an “easy to get along with” person? Well that’s ‘cause you’ll need to get along with your co-workers, supervisors, managers and company executives. Be sure to be a nice and jolly person in the office.
  • Self-Management Skills – an employee’s personal life is not to be mixed with their work duties so it would be best if you can handle your personal
    problems without having to drag your co-workers or boss into it. You will find a question or two regarding self-management from the human resources interviewer.
  • Additional Skills – your ability to adapt to change at work is also crucial,
    being creative and innovative, your flexibility, ability to be accurate, exact and precise is just as important and being able to complete the job on time or ahead of schedule. Being able to multitask, dissecting the problem and dealing with it in multilateral facet solutions, quick to pick up on various kinds of instructions and keep improving your job performance on a regular basis. Planning and organizing your daily tasks in order to meet deadlines,not bothering others too much as it shows a sign of weakness on your part in not being able to handle the task assign to you on your own, ability to make objective judgements and work neatly. By carefully researching and knowing what companies want from their employees you’ll be able to match your skills set to the job requirements and go further by adhering to these pointers. You’ll always have an edge because once these work attitudes will grow into you, you’ll be comfortable with it on your own and you’ll excel constantly.


Author Bio:

The article is written by Priya N who is career counsellor and runs to update latest government jobs alerts, career tips, interview guideline and job search tips. She is expertise in career, education, job, interview topics. When she gets free time she loves to spend it with her family and friends. She likes to read, write, and listening music and cooking.

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