Life Lessons I Learned From College

Life Lessons I Learned From College

Life lessons learned from college

I consider student years to be the best in my life and I do not regret spending 4 years at the educational institution. But the main reason of it is not volumes of precious knowledge. It is acquired skills and life lessons that gave me necessary experience and background for the future. University is a bridge between recent schoolguys and upcoming grown-ups. At the college I have faced with a range of challenges that prepared me for an adult life. It is like a ?hihckenpox. If you won`t overcome this disease in the right age, it will be much harder to fight it in the future. So, I highly recommend you to look at the following life lessons for college students, not to waste your time.

1.College studies how to study

During the college, every student generates his own technique in learning of new material. While you are studying you learn more about yourself and about the things you are capable of. You learn the limits of your stamina. Students vary in their academic performance because they differ in the way they learn. In addition, people have different cognitive abilities. But all the diversity of students must adapt to the requirements that educational system offers them. They learn how to analyze information, remember new facts and distribute tasks.

life lessons learned from college

2. Independence

During school years parents helped to keep us alive. I was surrounded with my mother`s care too. College is a place when you feel that childhood is mostly over. You count only on yourself in dealing with different issues. I used eating tips to survive without my mum`s cooking. The first hard task I have faced – is to obey alarm clock.

3. Time Management

During my studying, I had to balance between lectures, seminars, deadlines, parties, procrastination extracurricular activities. I just prioritized all my tasks and got used to some sleepless nights. At school, the last time I went to bed was 12 am. However, at the college I`ve started to practice going to bed at 2am, 3am… and neglecting any sleep at all. Only during the college studying you get used to hard conditions, accept them and win the fight!

3. Cooperation

I had to create different projects during my studies. It is always easy to make your own project and be the only master. But teachers often encourage students to work in teams. It means that college studies you to get along with people during some work. I had to cooperate with people of different characters and cultures. Sometimes we had absolutely opposite views, but we had to work together to reach successful results. It is important to note that I was an introvert at High School. I`ve understood how to deal with my personal borders and how to cooperate with people who vary in their social types.

4. You learn how to survive on a budget.

One of the things that I miss from the college is the loan that i received every must. I had to expand this sum for 30 days to provide myself with snacks, beverages at the bar, college supplies and some entertainment. I found some unusual jobs to get extra income to satisfy my needs.

5. Be competent in things you actually do not know

What i learned in college is that a true student knows answers to any questions. I used to order college papers for sale online so I were unaware of some topics. I used to prepare elaborately for all the exams but no one is insured from the tasks that you have not prepared to solve. At this moment you start to say whatever comes to your mind with very serious countenance. It a precious acting skill that you must master during your studying. Sometimes teachers assess you not for your knowledge, but for your persistance.

6. Acknowledge your emotional limits

College is pressure. It happens that on the day of your finals your boyfriend can break up with you, pickpockets can steal your wallet and roommate can eat the chocolate that you saved for the rainy day. But you must stay strong and show excellent results at the lessons.

7. Maintain relationships

When people ask “tell me about your college life” the first thing i tell is not subjects or my diploma paper. I mention amazing people that i met during the student years. Besides my group mates, I always got acquainted with people in the canteen, or from other groups. The fact is the more people we met in college, the more people we can rely on for tips. Now I have a special contact list of my former college friends. And we usually can help each other with any issue now and then.



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