Summer Racing Carnival – Top Fashion Tips

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Australian summer is no doubt hot, but when the sun is blazing, the fun racing does not stop as some of the exceptional events take place as part of the Summer Racing Carnival. Kicking off in the New Year, the Summer Racing Carnival in Queensland begins with Gold Coast Magic Millions Carnival. The Gold Coast Magic Million Carnival is one of the biggest thoroughbred events in Australia. It is a prolific event of racing, fun, and fashion. Yes, you read that right – fashion! There are “Fashions on the Field” events for all the fashionistas to showcase their unique summer racing style at the race day. Further, there are amazing prizes, including trips, gift cards, cash rewards, and much more, to be won during these fashion events at the Summer Racing Carnival. Below are some tips that may or may not help you get the prizes, but will certainly make your day fun at the Summer Racing Carnival fashion events.

Be Classic or TrendySummer Racing Carnival

The outfit that you choose for the day should be either entirely classic or very trendy. Tailor-made outfit can be a good choice. Looking back at the past winners of the Carnival, most of them had a tailor-made dress. Off-the-rack dresses are no doubt good, but they lack the element of uniqueness. The judges at the event, on the other hand, love the uniqueness. So, entirely classic or very trendy tailor-made outfit should be your first preference.

A Headgear is Must

There is going to be a lot of Australian heat at the track! Besides, there is nothing nice than complimenting your unique outfit with a beautiful head accessory. It simply adds the charm to your entire getup. Therefore, a headgear at the Summer Carnival is essential. Visit a good milliner or hair accessories supplier in Australia to make your purchase. Making your own headgear, such as a fascinator is not a bad idea, but there might be chances of imperfection. Therefore, a visit to a good milliner or hair accessories supplier is a good option. Feather fascinators, classic fascinators, and large fascinators in bright colours are popular with the judges. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye out for such fascinator designs at the fascinators or millinery stores.

Hair and Make-Up

For such events, it is all about grooming, right down to your manicure. Neat hairstyle and immaculate makeup help a lot. Be sure the hairstyle you choose is tidy with no loose hair; else, you will have trouble with loose hair fluttering around your face on a windy day.


Accessories are very important. Your gloves, shoes, bag, and jewellery play a vital part in catching the attention of the judges and on lookers, too! Be sure to choose the accessories that best match your outfit and headgear. Refrain the odd colour accessories.

Sleep Well Before the Event

When you have the outfit, headgear, hairstyle, makeup, and accessories decided, it is best to have a good night sleep before the day of the event. Be worry free and sleep well. Lack of sleep will get you bags under the eyes, which can seriously detriment your well-planned Summer Racing Carnival look.

Be Punctual

It would be a good idea to sign up for the event online beforehand. This will at least prevent the disappointment of not being able to compete. On the day of the event, be sure to reach the venue on time. There are cases in the past competitions where beautiful ladies, dressed immaculately reduce to tears just because they were late to reach the venue. Be punctual in order to avoid such cases.

Have Fun

Participate in competition with a goal to have fun. After all, Summer Racing Carnival is all about having fun and enjoying the day. Besides, if you go in already thinking that you will win, and in case if you do not win, believe it, you will be very disappointed. Instead, just enjoy the event, and be proud of how glamorous you are looking!


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