Why Are Desert Safaris So Popular? A Simple Guide

Why Are Desert Safaris So Popular? A Simple Guide

Qatar is one of the most luxurious countries in Asia, and it’s no surprise that people from all over travel here for their own Doha experience. Whether you’re looking to relax on a beach or enjoy some shopping at sunset with your loved ones – Qatari hospitality has something special planned!

The vast, open spaces of Doha are a popular destination for tourists. The country offers many activities to keep visitors entertained and captivated: from camel rides through sand dunes or horseback trips over rugged terrain; it’s almost like having your own private safari park in front of you! Book a desert safari in Qatar and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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Why are desert safaris popular in Qatar?

A desert safari is an adventure that lets you explore an area without leaving the comfort of your own home. The journey usually lasts about eight hours, starting in the afternoon and ending in the early evening. Most of these activities include lunch and hot air balloon rides. In the morning, wildlife is more active and the dune bashing isn’t as intense, making it perfect for photographing rare species. Most companies also include a breakfast buffet during the trip, so you can enjoy your meal while watching the sunrise or sunset.

The typical desert safari begins with pickup from your hotel. The driver of the vehicle is an experienced professional who will take you through the dunes safely and comfortably. While there is no alcohol in Qatar, there are plenty of local beverages to choose from.

During the desert safari, you will enjoy a variety of activities, including Arabic costume photography. Your guide will also help you choose the right camel for your journey. Depending on the type of desert safari you want, you can choose between a morning or an evening ride.

One of the main advantages of a desert safari is that there are no restrictions to how many people can participate in it. No matter the number of people in your group, you can go on it alone or with a group of friends. The number of vehicles varies with the type of safari you choose. Most desert safari companies have numerous vehicles for your group to travel. This allows for easy transport, which is ideal for those who want to experience the wild side.

For the best sunsets, desert safaris are best done in winter. Summers are hot, so they can be risky. So, if you are concerned about your health, you should wait until the evening. However, if you are adventurous enough, you should book a tour that offers a sunset that will make you forget your worries. If you want to experience a sunset in the desert, you’re in the right place. You can also see the scenic beauty of Doha from Inland Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are many reasons to go on a desert safari. Firstly, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the desert. You can experience a camel ride, sand dunes, and even a shisha smoke in the middle of the desert. The most popular time to go on a desert safari is in the morning. Its sunrise is perfect, and you can also watch the sun rise and set while you’re at it.

Other than the spectacular scenery, a desert safari also offers a variety of fun activities. You can ride a camel and learn about the history of the region. During your trip, you can participate in many fun activities, including henna art and belly dancing. For those who are more adventurous, you can take part in a hot air balloon ride. It’s not just the desert that’s exciting – it’s the cultural diversity of the country!

A typical desert safari will include a thrilling dune drive, camel rides, sand boarding, and a photoshoot during the sunset. There are several types of desert safaris, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. In addition to a traditional desert safari, you can also take part in various cultural events during your stay. You can visit a museum or watch a falcon show.

A desert safari can be done in groups of any size or on your own. The vehicles are designed to accommodate six people, so you can do the trip with as many or as few people as you like. While most desert safari tours have numerous vehicles, you can opt for a smaller group to have a more personal experience. Most of these excursions are ideal for families, but they can be done in a single day for a more intimate experience.

Final Take

With the vast extension of flat deserts, Qatar is a hub for some of the best desert adventure activities, making it one destination that any family or group would love to visit. If you’re looking for an authentic experience without leaving your home country then this place has got what you need with all sorts of campsites and roads available!


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