What to Expect on an Overland Tour in Africa

An overland trip means that you will be covering the distance between where you are to your destination by road. When you decide to take an overland trip to Africa, you are signing up for an amazing adventure with beautiful landscapes, superb activities, marvelous wildlife, and much more. You will make new friends on your way and be assured to have a lot of fun. However, an overland trip is not something everyone can undertake. You should be okay with adventurous and rough when required while having flexibility and patience.

Overland Africa Luxury Safari Tours: What to Expect?

Long Journeys

When you are on an overland trip, you can be sure that the car will be your second home. Journeys from one point to another might take from 2 hours to even 10 hours. You must ensure that you are comfortable and have an iPod full of songs or a book you love to help you get through the journeys without you getting bored. Have everything you might need before you start with your African safari luxury tours.

Basic Accommodation

A part of taking an overland tour in Africa is to experience life in its full glory, which means you will not have access to super luxurious resorts. You can choose for camping or accommodation on your trip. The accommodation that you receive will be basic and there will a difference in the comfort levels. If you choose a camping trip, then you can erect a 2-person tent when you reach certain camping sites. However, you can be assured that whatever you receive, will be comfortable to give you the rest you deserve.

Rare to None Wi-Fi

This might be a deal-breaker for some while rejoicing news for others. You can expect rarely to no wi-fi on your overland Africa luxury safari tours. When you head towards the majestic parts of the continent to explore the wildlife, savanna, and forests of Africa, you will not find any wi-fi connection since they are far usually very difficult to arrange for.

Basic Bathrooms

You will have to use rustic bathrooms, if not the bush. Most of the times you will be on the road for hours with no toilets. This means that you can only go to the bushes. Even when you find public toilets at the roadside, they will not be the squeaky clean toilets you might imagine.

But Yet

You should expect the unexpected on your adventurous overland trip as you will have to wake up early, even if you don’t like it. Your truck can stop working in the middle of one of Africa’s bumpy roads, or the weather might take unanticipated turns. However, each experience will surely be one to relish and remember because it will be an adventure of a lifetime.